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Ted’s Woodworking Plans Reviewed (Massive 70% Discount)

If you’re passionate about designing your wooden furniture to decorate your living room or bedroom, you’ll need some help. As all DIY woodwork projects don’t go as planned, a simple guide will help you get started the right way. It will ensure you don’t end up crafting an awkward-looking table (which looks like a bench!) stashed in your study corner.

This is where Teds woodworking plan comes in. Let’s learn a little more about it.

Value for Money
Quality of the Projects
Number of Useable Plans
Project Varieties

If you decide to implement the Ted’s woodworking plans to make almost anything, this is certainly a good option (more correctly ‘mind-boggling’ plans) to start with.

One thing you may or may not like is that there are multiple plans for almost every single project (that beef up the sales pitch of 16,000 plans).

Yes, I found some duds but there are also alternative plans (pretty much workable). In overall, I’m quite satisfied.

What is Ted's Woodworking Plan?

The Ted’s Woodworking Plan kit was developed by Ted Mcgrath, an expert craftsman, and a certified woodworker. He is also a coach, woodworking trainer, and author of some books on carpentry.

Besides running his online woodworking class, Ted has also published many articles online about the art of woodworking. He has years of experience in handling many woodworking projects. So, you can be assured that his woodworking design plans will be top-notch and reliable.

What Does The Plan Include?

Ted’s woodworking kit consists of 16,000 DIY projects along with their designs which anyone can try out. These wooden projects are presented in a simple step-by-step style which is super easy to follow and implement. 

According to the brand, you can start woodworking with the kit even if you have no idea about the craft. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Simple Instructions

The kit contains instruction manuals for a plethora of wooden DIY projects, including a study table, bed, coffee table, doghouse, dollhouse chair, curio cabinets, cupboards, and many more. 

The projects and the guidelines are so beginner-friendly that you will get a feel of attending a woodworking class. You’ll love these instructions if you’re short on time and love getting things done quickly.   

What’s more? You get a complete list of materials and tools needed for working on each project. This feature makes the kit ideal for beginners as they often struggle with selecting the right equipment for wooden projects. So, no more ending up with expensive tools you don’t need!

  • Multiple Viewing Angles

Whether it’s a wardrobe or a rocking chair, you’ll get multiple views of the projects along with the kit. 

Understanding how the finished project will look from different angles is essential before you get to work. It helps you in planning the project better. That’s why the detailed semantics of Ted’s woodworking kit have multi-angle views of each part of your furniture.

With the instructions, templates, and cutting details, you’ll save time and make beautiful DIY projects.

  • Other Features

Along with 16,000 project plans, you get to download woodworking plans each month for the rest of your life after purchasing the kit. You’ll get these for free from their official website. Plus, you also get access to many online tutorials on woodworking which will help you get better at your craft.

How Does It Work?

Well, it’s pretty simple. After buying the kit, you get two woodworking plans DVD in the box. The option to access the material online is also available. You first have to choose a project. Then, take a look at the cutting and materials list to figure out the exact items you need. You need to go through all the components required for the project.

When you feel you have wrapped your head around the basics of the project, check out the detailed semantics and instructions. You need to follow the instructions carefully while carving out the wooden pieces for the Woodworking craft plans.

If you are a beginner and don’t have much idea about woodworking, it might take some time to pick up the basics. However, as the instructions are beginner-friendly, you’ll be able to complete the project within a few days or weeks.

Is Ted's Woodworking Plan Worth the Money?

We’ve now reached perhaps the most crucial part of the Teds woodworking review – it’s time to see whether it’s worth buying. While searching “woodworking plans projects,” you’ll come across many tutorials and DIY kits about carpentry. So, why will you spend your money on Ted’s Woodworking Plan?

  • Over 10, 000 incredible detailed, easy to follow Woodworking Plans
  • Free drawing and CAD plan viewer
  • 3D Modeling Software
  • Woodworking Guide with over 200 pages of tips and techniques to use
  • 100 Detailed Woodworking Tips
  • 150 Premium Woodworking Videos so you can learn by just watching
  • A Guide to Starting Your Own Woodworking Business
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Apart from these, you will find ted’s woodworking refund policy practical and beginner-friendly. It’s even a good deal that you will get any future woodworking tips free of charge! And nothing beats that.

Do I Think Ted’s Woodworking Plans are Ripped Off?

Not really. Even so, many reviews in the past have suggested otherwise. Well, I can’t speak for them since I don’t have the facts, and I haven’t seen a clear case of a lifted plan in Ted’s plans. If I do I will let you know.

First, the product has been around for ages. That wouldn’t have been possible if it was a copyright infringement of any kind. But that’s just a suggestion. It could be a time bomb or not, but that I’m not sure.

Secondly, it’s very possible that Ted might have obtained a license to sell these products online first. Even so, that’s a topic for you and me to find out. Nonetheless, this is a great product for woodworks.

In my opinion, these DIY woodworking plans are not entirely perfect but they are mostly good. It can serve you better especially if you are just starting out.

Even so, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned woodworker, you will find that Ted’s plans are very easy-to-follow and clearly written.

Because they are easy to follow, you can master the techniques and woodworking skills easily and efficiently. I love the step by step videos that walk you through the entire process of every project that you put your mind to.

My favorite videos are the furniture construction videos, dog houses videos, and sheds just to mention but a few.

NOTE: When you buy Ted’s woodworking plans you’ll get a free lifetime access to the member’s area.  You don’t have to pay anything. That’s cool especially when it is time to get a few additional tips.

Who Should Buy Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

The brand offers one of the best woodworking plans in the market. Although the kit is designed for all types of users, it’s famous for being excellent beginners woodworking plans. Intermediate and advanced woodworkers can also use it to create stunning wooden furniture!

As the kit is designed in a well-structured way following a “hold-you-by-the hand” approach, it will suit many types of users, such as the following –

  • Furniture Enthusiasts

Love all things wooden and interested in building wooden furniture with your very hands? Then Teds woodworking plan is the product for you. As discussed earlier, the kit consists of detailed instructions on 16000 wooden projects covering everything you can think of.

Your DIY wooden furniture is about to rise to another level with this kit!

  • Interior Decorators

Are you an interior decorator or run such a business? Want to craft personalized furniture for your customers? Then this woodworking kit will be beneficial for you. You will be able to prepare customized furniture and remodel a customer’s existing furnishings.

  • Instructors

Instructors looking to teach woodworking to their students in a more detailed way can benefit from this product. With easy-to-understand and straightforward project instructions, precise semantics, and a materials guide, teaching the craft will be a breeze.

  • Professional Woodworkers

You might be thinking, what will a pro woodworker do with this kit? You have to remember that even if someone’s an expert, they are still human and can get stuck. The instructions in the package will guide them.

Maybe you’re a professional carpenter who is looking for some new ideas about a project. The plethora of project designs and downloadable woodworking plans in this kit will help your creative juices start flowing again! You can also improve on your craft while following the instructions and plans.

Features of Ted’s Woodworking Plan

Here are some of the crucial features you need to know if you’re planning to buy Ted’s Woodworking Plan kit.

Discounted Price

The actual price of the entire kit is $297, where you get access to all the project details, including the following –

  • How to Start A Woodworking Business
  • 150 Premium Woodworking Videos
  • Complete Woodworking Guides
  • DWG CAD Plan Viewer

These additional materials come for free within this exclusive package. You can visit their official website to get the complete kit for a special discounted price of only $67! Thus, this is one of the most affordable woodworking plans online. 

What You Will Like

Ease Of Use

Using the instructional videos, semantics, layouts, detailed instructions, and additional guides, even an amateur woodworker can start working on their dream project. You get 16000 simple plans to craft almost any wooden furniture on earth! You don’t have to be an expert carpenter to understand these plans, as they’re broken down into super easy steps.

Customer Support

The brand focuses on offering its customers the best service and product in the market. For example, if you need DVDs of the training materials, you can request them after purchasing the plan. The company will promptly ship it to you along with the bonuses.

If you ever need some assistance during a project, you can ask the company to send you a personalized project plan. This plan will be designed as per your requirements.

Still not sure about the plans? Head over to their official website to download 50 free woodwork plans and an e-book called “The Art of Woodworking” also for free!

Convenient Access

An important feature of the woodworking kit is the freedom to access the guides from any device. You can have a look at the plans and outlines from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Plus, these are printable woodworking plans, so you can print them out while accessing from any platform to get a better look.  

Free Monthly Plans

Besides the 1600 woodworking plans, the company offers you free plans every month right after your purchase. You can check out these plans on the official website and download them if you need them. You’ll be getting these new monthly plans for the rest of your life for absolutely no cost!

NOTE: I suggest printing a version. Printing will give you an easy to follow plan that you can look at one step at a time.

What You Will Not Like

Slow Downloading

Many customers have complained that the instructional videos and project plans take too long to download. It may be a problem when you wish to download and print a specific woodwork layout or tutorial video. 

NOTE: If you experience any hiccups when downloading you have the option to upgrade to the DVD pack in the members area.

Poor Categorization

The content is not categorized correctly for beginners and experts. Therefore, it seems too much to consume, and you may feel overwhelmed. It might be a little difficult for some inexperienced woodworkers. 


In overall, Ted’s woodworking plans can serve any woodworker best. Well, Ted’s Plans is not the bottom cheap woodworking projects plan that you can get to purchase. However, it is a better package compared to the rest.

I can attest that, for over 5 years that I have done my DIY woodwork projects, I am yet to find a plan that matches Ted’s. It is properly done and much more comprehensive.

For the woodworking newbies, hands on guys, and anyone with a woodworking project under their belts this program offers you the most value for your hard-earned dollar.

I highly recommend it for people that are serious about becoming a great woodworker. All you need to do is sharpen your skills to understand what you need or don’t need.

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Ted's Woodworking Plans

Ted's Woodworking Plan

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