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14 in. 1-HP Delta 28-400 Bandsaw Review

It is no secret that to master a cut, you need a powerful and trustworthy bandsaw machine. Precision in work comes with a lot of skills and the right pair of equipment. While you might think that cutting your materials is a tedious task, it doesn’t have to be anymore.

With the advancement in technology, a bandsaw has gone through a lot of changes. It has become more durable and faster. These do not require much effort to operate and provide praise-worthy results.

However, it is essential to select the right bandsaw, as not all will live up to your expectations. You need to study all features and functionality in depth to figure out the most suitable one. 

Here is a review on the 14″ 1-HP Steel Frame Bandsaw by Delta Machinery. This saw has received some great reviews from the customers. Hence, we will bifurcate the good and the bad for you to understand easily.

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Introducing HP Steel Frame Bandsaw

The 14” bandsaw from Delta Machinery is a heavy-duty product with some powerful features. It works rigorously to cut a variety of materials with precision. This machine is useful for your woodwork applications or similar activities. Whether it is a larger cutting operation or small sheets, this bandsaw will be a good fit. 

The bandsaw has a smart design and grey finishing. The machine weighs 165 pounds, which is standard for any bandsaw of similar dimensions. This machine is backed by the Delta, which has a high brand value and over 10 years of experience. This ensures a long life that does justice to the price of the machine.  


  • Heavy-duty construction

If you are a professional at sawing, you know the importance of a good machine frame. The frame not only enables easy operation but also ensures the durability of the machine.

The 14” HP bandsaw features a heavy-duty steel frame that can take up huge loads. It also helps to reduce flexing. 

  • Strong Table

Coming to the table, it is made with cast-iron and is super durable. It has a flat and smooth surface area. Moreover, the table supports tilting to allow bevel cuts. You can tilt it up to an angle of 45 degrees. The angle can be easily measured using the read bevel angle gauge situated right below the table.

The miter slot is also well machined and accepts standard sizes. While the product does not include miter gauges, you can find suitable fits easily. 

  • Blade Guides

While selecting a good bandsaw, the blade guides are of utmost importance. There are two sets of ball bearings guides in the Delta Machinery. You will find precision and easy adjustability in both upper and lower guides. 

The screws that lock them in place are secured and strong. While you might need a bit more effort to adjust the lower guides situated under the table, it isn’t a huge issue.

  • Motor

The motor is the life of a bandsaw as it enables the movement and cutting. This 14″ model 28-400 from Delta Machinery has a 1-HP motor. It uses a Dual Voltage TEFC motor for power. The dual voltage includes 115 and 230V. While 115 volts is sufficient for daily use, 250V comes in handy in case of additional power requirements. The motor has a quiet and smooth operation.

  • Blade Wheels

If you are looking for superior blade tracking, this model will suffice the requirement quite well. The wheels are made with aluminum along with a rubber coating. The rubber coating, I great at easing the tension of the pulleys. The upper and lower 9 spoke wheels balance well to provide a high degree of precision in cutting.

While you might prefer a heavy-cast iron over aluminum, they might be of little requirement at this size.

  • Dust Collection

You will need an easy and hassle-free dust collection technique for any bandsaw. A dust-collecting system significantly reduces the headache of cleaning up after the task. The strong dust collection mechanism by the 28-400 model can collect up to 90% of the dust. The dust collection port is 4″ in diameter. It is quite wide and is located in the right place. The location helps to effectively collect the dust and keep it away from the rubber-coated wheels.

  • Other features

The T-slot is of standard size and nature. It can accept all miter gauges of ¾” X 3/8”. Moreover, the bandsaw features a steel stand and a 93-1/2” wood-cutting blade. The minimum width of the blade is 1/8,” while the maximum is ¾.” The blade is sharp and can cut smoothly through any wooden piece.

Overall Performance

This 28-400 model by Delta Machinery will certainly be a useful addition to your tool shop. It is compact but quite powerful in strength. Whether it is for cutting complicated curve designs or for small pieces, this machine will do the job. It supports different kinds of cuts with effortless performance. The bandsaw has adequate power output and functionality to easily cut larger wooden pieces too. 


  • Strong and durable body
  • Oversized cast-iron table for improved performance
  • Two-speed pulley with smooth operations
  • Accommodates up to ¾” blade for high cutting capacity


  • Does not include dust collection bag
  • You can cut materials up to 6” tall

Whenever you are selecting a bandsaw, the features and functionality are what provide convenience to the worker. Each feature has a huge significance. Hence, make sure to check these for better performance and results. However, also keep in mind to skip optional features that add to the cost of the machine. For instance, a work light can be bought separately, too, for ease of use.

Hence, strike a balance between the features, the cost, and the space availability to get the right product. The 14″ 1-HP Steel Frame Bandsaw is a good product and fits into a lot of these requirements. 

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