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You must have watched a thousand videos of space design on Pinterest showing a bed being pulled out of a wall. While many find such designs amusing, it is one the most excellent ways of saving space and making your rooms appear delightful.

Urban cities find these thoughtfully designed beds a great way of using limited floor space wisely. These beds are standard in neighborhoods with expensive rental rates, where many need help to afford houses in huge areas. Murphy beds are a popular demand of modern interior designers who believe in practicing compactness without compromising the room’s look.

Murphy beds are usually hinged to the walls and used whenever needed by simply pulling them down. But as good as they sound, these beds are often extortionate and may burn a hole in your pocket.
Several alternatives are available in the market that can provide the same comfort and look as a Murphy bed but at a low price. We have curated a list of such alternatives in this article. But before we scroll to that section, here is a common question that may strike your mind.

At a Glance

Is it possible To Turn a Regular bed into a Murphy Bed?

Here is the answer!
Turning a regular bed into a Murphy bed is only possible sometimes. Something must be hinged onto the wall, floor, or both to support the bed to be upright. Moreover, a Murphy bed works on complex mechanisms. This mechanism allows us to pull the bed forward and push it back without any hassle. Employing the mechanism in a regular bed is only possible with assistance from an experienced technical person.
Instead, looking for an alternative to a Murphy bed in the market that can be cheaper and work as great as a Murphy bed is advisable.

How to choose the suitable alternative?

Before looking for an alternative to a Murphy bed, one must be fully aware of their available space and other requirements. For some, the exterior appearance of the room holds greater importance than the product’s usability. However, some hold comfort as of paramount importance. Others may look for a bed within the budget, keeping design and usability as the second preference. Hence, it is better to know your needs beforehand. Below are some factors that can help you select a suitable alternative to Murphy Beds.

The Right Material

Daily usage items like beds are often bought once; therefore, they must be made with a suitable material that would be durable for an extended period. Before purchasing a bed, knowledge of its material must be obtained from the seller.

Measure your space correctly

A bed occupies a good amount of space in the room. If your room is small, it is better to measure the maximum space where the bed can be placed. The possible maximum height of the bed must also be measured beforehand.

Who will be using the bed?

If the bed is for a child, it must be designed safely using railings or bars to avoid accidents. If the bed is for an elderly person, it must be easy to climb. Therefore, it is better to understand who is intended to use the bed on most days.

One product has multiple purposes

For small rooms, beds with inbuilt drawers and cabinets are an excellent buy. It will help make better use of the space without hindering the room’s look.

Best Alternatives to Murphy Beds

Listed below are some alternatives to the Murphy bed.

Air Mattress

As the name suggests, air mattresses are lightweight yet durable. It is because they are made up of PVC, one of the most widely used polymers across the globe.
Air mattresses are commonly used while camping or as floating mattresses in a pool. These mattresses serve many purposes and are often considered a cheap yet effective alternative to the very-expensive Murphy beds.
Air mattresses are easy to clean and can be washed too. Because PVC is resistant to molds, these mattresses can be used in areas with heavy flooding or rainfall.

Futon Mat

As the name suggests, Futon mats are floor fats that can be used as beds. We can trace their history to Japanese culture, but Futon mats became popular in other countries too.
Due to the absence of a steady foundation, Futon mats can be tucked and restored until the need arises. Moreover, they are covered with durable fabrics with exquisite designs to add a tint of creativity to your space.

Loft Bed

Loft beds are commonly found in dormitories or rooms of students. Since the floor space is less, the rooms are provided with loft beds to serve multiple purposes. These beds are placed vertically, in attachment with a desk or a cabinet of the same size below.
Loft beds are provided with a ladder to climb up and down the bed. These beds are the perfect alternative to Murphy beds for children and young adults.

Sofa cum Bed

As the name implies, Sofa cum Beds serve a dual purpose, constituting the properties of both sofa and bed. These can be turned into a sofa during the day and a bed during the night. Moreover, it is a good option for families whose guests frequently visit.
Sofa cum beds come in a wide variety of designs and also act as a piece of decor in living rooms. Some sofa cum beds come with drawers and in-built cabinets, providing more extensive usability. These beds can be a great alternative if you want to make the best use of space in your room.

Thai Massage Mat

Like the Futon Mat, a Thai massage mat can be used as a bed. These are portable and can be used at different locations. These mats are popularly known for the comfort they provide from the contours on them. In addition, they are covered with a cloth or towel fabric to make it easy to sleep.
Thai mats are used temporarily by people who switch houses often. Therefore, they are exceptional alternatives to Murphy or regular beds.

Hanging Bed

A concept driven from the houses of expensive and premium cities like New York, Hanging beds hang from the room ceiling and reside up high. They are provided with a ladder to access the bed.
The beds are mainly installed by professionals, ensuring better safety and stability. Hanging beds are permanent solutions and can only be easily uninstalled with expert help. Therefore, these beds can be a good preference if you plan to stay longer in an apartment.

Sleeping Recliner

Specific recliners can be tilted backwards and converted into a sleeping bed. Sleep recliners do not become straight but are an excellent alternative for short durations. Most are controlled using a remote and converted back and forth without difficulty.
The design concept is driven by couches or sofas that often act as sleeping spots while watching television or after a fight with your wife! Sleeping recliners can be placed in living rooms and converted for sleeping as and when the need arises.

Bunk bed

Bunk beds are a dream for many children, but it is no surprise that adults can also use them. Hostels and dormitories for travellers are equipped with bunk beds to put as many people as possible in a single room.
Besides Murphy beds, Bunk beds are also an alternative to hanging beds since they can be moved from one place to another. These beds are usually small in width and length, using less space in the room.

Trundle Bed

We are sure you are familiar with this bed type and must have noticed one in stylish living rooms. A trundle bed is commonly known as a drawer bed since it can pull a drawer from underneath designed for sleeping or sitting. It is a popular choice in many households.
If not constructed well, sometimes, these drawers can be difficult to pull or push due to friction. However, it can provide a good sitting or sleeping area whenever there is a need for one.

Bed Roll

Bed Rolls are thin layered mattresses that can be used singularly or on top of a mattress. Like Thai massage mats, bed rolls are of great use when there are several guests. Bed rolls can be covered with bedsheets to give a better look to them. They are easy to clean and provide decent durability.
A bed roll is the cheapest alternative to a Murphy bed. It may not provide a Murphy bed’s classic and modern look, but it can be used if you are on an extreme budget.

In the End…

Murphy beds are a great invention, but other inexpensive alternatives can achieve the same comfort and style. The best alternatives will help save space without disturbing the room’s look. With the substitutes mentioned earlier, you can find the best possible alternative per your needs and requirements. You can customize the bed as per your style.

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