10 of the Best Woodworking Clock Kits for DIY Enthusiasts

Wooden clocks are not only beautiful and elegant but hand-crafting them from wood makes each unit unique. The design possibilities are endless and ever-evolving with new techniques and patterns being created daily.

A woodworking clock kit is a complete package containing all that a woodworker needs to build a clock from wood. The kit will typically include items such as clock hands, clock movement mechanisms, a clock face, and additional accessories. 

Woodworking clock kits are designed for DIY woodworking enthusiasts interested in building their own decorative and functional clocks. This article highlights 10 of the best woodworking clock kits currently available

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Criteria for Selecting Woodworking Clock Kits

Coming up with this list of the 10 best woodworking clock kits, we had to look at the most important considerations for woodworking enthusiasts. These considerations include:


How much are you willing to spend on a DIY clock kit? Some woodworking enthusiasts may be willing to splash thousands of dollars while others, mostly beginners, will want to spend only a few dollars. We picked the top ten kits from the most popular price ranges.

Size and Space

Some woodworking clock kits come in several different dimensions. We picked samples from various sizes.

Design and Style

Woodworking clock kits come in different styles such as contemporary, antique, or themed designs.

Skill Level

DIY enthusiasts possess different skill levels. Match your chosen clock kit with your current woodworking skills and experience.

Components and Materials

We considered the quality of the material, such as wood type. Ensure that the kit has all the necessary components. Also, check if the kit allows for some creative customization.

Instructions and Support

The best kits come with clear and detailed instructions. The most popular kits often have online support resources such as video tutorials, chat forums, and customer support lines in case of queries.

10 Of The Best Woodworking Clock Kits

1. Howard Miller Langston Grandfather Clock

Product Description

Howard Miller is a clock and cabinet-making company from Michigan. The company was founded in 1926. The Langston Grandfather Clock has an illuminated cabinet and a single-chime German movement. It has an elegant cherry finish and reeded corners to complete the classic look.

Criteria for Selecting Woodworking Clock Kits

Howard Miller Langston Grandfather Clock 611-017 – Windsor Cherry with Single-Chime Movement
  • GRANDFATHER CLOCK: The Langston Clock has a Windsor Cherry finish on select hardwoods and veneers for ideal vertical decor with an illuminated case, and reeded columns. The lower door panel features bookmatched olive ash burl overlays in the corners that frame the crystal cut V-grooved glass. A split pediment also includes a turned finial and decorative shell overlay.
  • DURABLE: This beautiful floor clock has a sturdy wood frame to relieve stress in a busy household. The timepiece has Arabic numerals, corner spandrels, a center disk, and a silver chapter ring on a polished brass-finished dial that has a lamp to illuminate the astrological blue moon phase and pierced star pattern.
  • CHIMES: Easily tell time with cable driven, single-chime German movement that plays the Westminster chime to strike each hour from the brushed brass weight shells and pendulum bob. Set the automatic nighttime chime shut-off for convenient volume control to have anywhere in your home. The removable glass upper side panels allow easy access to the movement.
  • DIMENSIONS: The height of this clock is 85.5 inches (217 cm), with a width of 22.25 inches (57 cm) and a depth of 12.75 inches (32 cm). A key is included to have a secure lock door and adjustable levelers below the sculpted base to provide stability on uneven floors. Made in the USA.
  • Howard Miller Langston Grandfather Clock 611-017 – Windsor Cherry with Single-Chime Movement


  • It comes almost completely assembled, with only the pendulum and 3 weights needing assembly on site.
  • It’s not battery-operated so it will never run out of power.
  • Howard Miller provides white glove delivery, ensuring there’s no damage during shipping or installation.


  • Its price is on the higher side.
  • It’s not easy to reduce the volume of the chimes. You’ll need a professional clockmaker to do that.
  • It’s not ideal for hardcore DIY enthusiasts since it comes almost completely assembled.

2.Wood Trick Analog Classic Clock 3D Wooden Puzzle

Product Description

The Ukrainian WoodTrick company makes 3D wooden puzzles for DIY assembly. They pride themselves in creating fun and challenging engineering projects suitable for adults and kids.

Their Analog Classic Clock is a great example of their intriguing wooden puzzles. With 142 pieces and detailed instructions, putting this together is every DIY enthusiast’s dream project.

Wood Trick Analog Classic Clock 3D Wooden Puzzle for Adults and Kids – 2 Secret Storage Compartments – 1 AA Battery – Premium Precise Silent Sweep Mechanism
  • ELEGANT & STURDY – the classic wood clock puzzle kit is made of natural and very sturdy plywood; design is elegant and beautiful
  • PERFECT DECOR – the clock puzzle kit will be a key decorative element and set the interior style of any room as well as be a perfect addition to any office or living room
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – our puzzles are made of safe, pollutant-free wood, targeting the current demand for eco-friendly products
  • CLEAR ASSEMBLY – the puzzle kit includes 142 pieces and the kit comes with a step-by-step, easy to follow pictorial instructions and requires neither glue nor special tools to be fully assembled
  • EDUCATIONAL – puzzle DIY kits by Wood Trick help people to understand the principles of mechanics & engineering, by introducing to the fundamentals of building and engineering, cultivating patience and attention, promoting fine motor skills, and encouraging imaginative artistic thinking


  • It’s made of natural wood and eco-friendly products.
  • It has a sturdy structure.
  • Comes with a highly detailed and illustrated manual.
  • Doesn’t require glue or special tools to assemble.
  • Works as a captivating educational adventure, teaching engineering and mechanics principles while enhancing fine motor skills


  • The locking mechanisms can only be installed once. If put incorrectly, you must break them and redo them with glue.

3. Adventurers Nixie Tube Clock

Product Description

The Adventurers Nixie Tube Clock is a creation of Adventurers Company, a Chinese brand known for manufacturing home appliances. The Nixie Tube Clock has a retro design with a digital tube display.

The clock is a semi-finished product requiring self-assembly. It has a wooden base where the buyer assembles the numbered acrylic plates and the top cover

Adventurers Nixie Tube Clock,Wood RGB Digital Clock,Reteo Modern Desktop Clock,DIY Pseudo Glow Tube Clock Kit,Decoration Desktop, Gift (Cherry Wood)
  • 【Nixie Tube Simulation】: retro modern desk clock, using LED to reproduce the beauty of retro digital tube display. By using the LED, to achieve low power consumption, security effect.
  • 【Full-color RGB color change function】: Using full-color LED, it can achieve 16 million colors digital color change. Use the MOED key to switch freely between 7 cool display modes to create a “exclusive space” that suits your mood.
  • 【High-quality material】: Exquisite retro-style cherry wood base, which uses acrylic and ABS parts full of wood warmth and technological sense. It is an artistic, beautiful and practical product, and is a perfect gift for friends and relatives.
  • 【Easy to assemble/set up】: This product is a semi-finished product, only need to assemble the numbered acrylic plate and the top cover. *Note: There is a protective film on the surface of the acrylic plate to protect the acrylic plate when cutting, so it must be removed before assembly. (There are scratches on the protective film when cutting, but it is not a damage to the acrylic sheet, but if the film is peeled off, it becomes a highly transparent acrylic sheet.)
  • 【Appropriate product size】: About 237.5 x 61.5 x 79 mm, the size is just right, suitable for placement anywhere. It is suitable for entrances, dens, bars, shops, etc. It is very suitable for creating atmosphere.


  • This is a plug-in socket that has an inbuilt button battery. So it works even when the power is turned off.
  • It’s easy to set the time, mode, and color.
  • It has 16 million LED colors to choose from.
  • It is simple yet fun to assemble.
  • Extra parts included in case of breakage during assembly


  • It is a simple assembly, not suitable for advanced DIY enthusiasts.

4. Quartz Cuckoo Clock Black Forest House with Moving Train

Product Description

ISDD Cuckoo Clocks Company was founded in 2004, born out of a deep love for traditional and modern cuckoo clocks. The Quartz EN 48110 QMT continues in the style of Black Forest line much beloved by the German company.

The clock has an intricate design made out of wood. It has 12 tunes and the cuckoo calls out on the hour with an echo. The battery runs for about one year and operates the clock movement with automatic night-off.

Quartz Cuckoo Clock Black Forest House with Moving Train, with Music EN 48110 QMT
  • Type: Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
  • Cuckoo-Palace Premium Shop
  • Premium Clock by Engstler e;K; Schwarzwalduhren
  • Premium Clock by Engstler e;K; Schwarzwalduhren


  • The moving train and dancers are a sight to behold.
  • Beautiful design and intricate crafting
  • Daylight sensor that controls volume between day and night.


  • Cuckoo sound doesn’t sound as original as traditional Black Forest models.
  • Some pieces often get loose or break off during shipping. Needs careful handling.

5. OWNONE1 Wooden 3D Puzzle Clock

Product Description

The Chinese company, OWNONE, makes entertaining 3D wooden puzzles. This wooden 3D DIY Puzzle Desk Clock comes in 28 parts for a wonderful DIY project suitable for both kids and adults.

The parts are cut with attention to detail, all fitting well together. The clock is made of eco-friendly material and the movement is battery-powered

OWNONE 1 Wooden 3D Puzzle Clock Model Kit for Adults, DIY Desk Clock, Dark Wooden 3D Puzzles, Crafts Gifts for Kids Children
  • Fun & Practical Wooden 3D Puzzles – Wonderful wooden 3D puzzles, which can be the entertainment of the families. And it will become a useful desk clock and beautiful craft when you finish it.
  • Easily Assembled Desk Clock Kit – Pieces can be made together suitably, no tools nor glues needed, because of the clever design and exquisite laser cutting technology. Instructions with photos are included.
  • Great Gift for Adults & Kids – Model DIY kits, isn’t it a good choice as a gift? Enhance the communication between families, develop intelligence and enjoy the artwork you made.
  • High Quality Materials Using – Eco-friendly materials and exquisite cutting technology make sure that it would not hurt you when you’re making. Biomimetic wooden pattern on each pieces.
  • Battery Operated – Powered by 1AA battery (not included)


  • Complex enough for DIY enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Quiet desk clock, suitable for office use.
  • Affordable, so you can buy multiple units and give out as presents.


  • Instructions can be a little difficult to understand.

6.FirsTime & Co. White Shiplap Grandfather Floor Clock

Product Description

The FirsTime & Co. brand is renowned for its home furnishings and trendy clocks. The White Shiplap Grandfather Clock is a 6-foot tall floor clock that can reflect your personality and enhance your home decor.

The design of the clock includes a shiplap and gear accents. The chimes are from royal Westminster tunes and they sound on the hour.

FirsTime & Co. White Shiplap Grandfather Floor Clock, Large Vintage Decor for Living Room, Westminster Chime, Wood, Farmhouse, 72 x 19.5 Inches
  • SIZE MATTERS – This large battery operated floor clock has a 72″ height, 8.5″ depth, and 19.25″ length making it the perfect size for any living room, foyer, entryway, dining room, or home office
  • IT’S IN THE DETAILS – Our rectangular FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Grandfather Floor Clock has an antiqued white finish and is made of wood with metal hands and a glass lens
  • FASHIONABLE AND FUNCTIONAL – This farmhouse chic floor clock features shiplap, gear accents, and a traditional Westminster chime every hour. Complete with its dual use as a timepiece and 3-shelf bookcase, this clock will make a statement in any space
  • TAKE A STAND – This clock is designed to stand on the floor and has an anti-tip kit for easy installation. It requires 3 AA and 2 C batteries for operation, not included. Minimal assembly required with step-by-step instructions included
  • FARMHOUSE STYLE – Whether moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement in any room with a stylish and decorative farmhouse and traditional piece from FirsTime & Co.


  • Made of high-quality materials including wood, glass lens, and woodgrain finish.
  • Chimes every hour and stays silent during the night.
  • Easy assembly with online support and printable clear step-by-step instructions


  • Requires 3 AA and 2 C batteries which are not included in the package.

7. Wood Trick Modern Kinetic Clock

Product Description

This is another piece from the WoodTrick company based in Ukraine. The Kinetic Clock has a small size and minimalistic design suitable for modern spaces and office settings. The clock mechanism appears suspended, which adds to the allure of this clock.

Wood Trick Modern Kinetic Clock 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults and Kids to Build – Magic Mechanism Aesthetic Design – Model Kits for Adults – Engineering DIY Wooden Models for Adults to Build
  • UNIQUE MAGIC MECHANISM – the clock runs on batteries and the mechanism seems “suspended” in the air, which adds to the attractiveness of the clock design
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL AGES – the table clock wooden 3d puzzle already comes in an attractive package that will be awesome to get as a gift! Our wood model kits will always be a welcome gift and a worthy addition to any collection
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – our wooden model clock kit to build is made of safe, pollutant-free wood, targeting the current international demand for sustainable toys
  • EXCITING DIY EXPERIENCE – unlike other 3d puzzles for adults and kids, our wood clock building kit requires a glueless manual drafting process that will entertain assemblers of any age
  • Assembled Size: 9.65 x 1.77 x 8.46 inch; 4 AAA batteries required (not included)


  • Clear and detailed instructions with easy-to-follow illustrations.
  • Medium complexity with 157 pieces, so it’s suitable for most levels of DIY enthusiasts.
  • Made from high-quality plywood.


Some pieces are difficult to set in place during assembly.

8. WOODEN.CITY Royal Wall Clock

Product Description

Wooden City is a wooden puzzle manufacturer in Poland. They are renowned for their high-quality products made per EU standards. The Royal Wall Clock is made of safe natural materials.

The unit comes with instructions in 8 major languages. It is a 126-piece wooden puzzle suitable for adults and kids over 15 years old

WOODEN.CITY Royal Wall Clock Kit 3D Puzzle, Wooden Clock Model – 126 Pieces, Mechanical Pendulum, Coin-Operated, Rococo Style, Expert, Unisex, Ages 14+, WR314
  • Masterful Design – Reflect the elegance of a bygone era with this Rococo-style wooden clock adult 3d puzzle, boasting delicate and fancy interlaced carvings
  • No Glue, No Hassle – Easily assembled without glue or additional tools. Our 3-D puzzles wooden crafts for adults come with detailed instructions in 8 languages for an enjoyable building experience
  • Educational Pendulum Mechanism – Understand the intricacies of time mechanics. Add coins to adjust the mechanical pendulum clock operation period. Wood clock kit provides both an aesthetic and learning experience
  • Quality and Durability – Our wooden models for adults to build are meticulously crafted in Europe from safe, natural materials, ensuring longevity and timeless charm
  • Authentic Experience – Wind up this masterpiece wood model just like a classic cuckoo clock and enjoy the soothing tick-tock that fills your space for up to 12 hours


  • World-class customer support
  • Wonderful 3D puzzle challenge for experienced DIY enthusiasts.
  • Captivating decor that can transform any wall into a display stand.


  • Can be complicated to assemble for less experienced DIY enthusiasts.

9. UGEARS Tourbillon Table Clock Kit

Product Description

Ugears Mechanical Models is a world-leading startup that creates trendy, unique, wooden puzzles with awe-inspiring mechanical action. The Tourbillion Table Clock Kit is a 338-piece puzzle suitable for kids and adults alike. It takes about 15 hours to assemble.

The kit doesn’t need extra tools or equipment. The kit includes illustrated, clear, and easy-to-follow instructions in 11 languages.

UGEARS Tourbillon Table Clock Kit – Sky Watcher 3D Wooden Puzzles Mechanical Clock Kit Idea DeskWood Clock Kits to Build – 3D Puzzles Model Kits for Adults
  • Your new astronomical clock: As always, UGEARS 3D puzzles for adults turn mundane objects into mechanical marvels. Meet the Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock. This model kit is a fascinating combination of an imaginative celestial observatory and a functional wooden clock
  • Clock-making adventure: This gear clock is a model building kit with an advanced level of complexity. It will take about 15 hours to assemble all 388 parts
  • Extraordinary design: This clock puzzle looks both mysterious and elegant. The sphere of the tourbillon resembles a large telescope scanning the celestial sphere. The time display is on reels
  • Convenient: Similar to all our model kits to build for adults and 3D puzzles for kids, this clock making kit includes laser pre-cut parts and easy-to-follow instructions in 11 languages. No extra tools are needed.
  • Perfect Father’s Day Gift Idea : UGEARS mechanical clock kits are enjoyable ways to pass the time. The Sky Watcher Tourbillon 3D puzzle clock will delight big dreamers, hobbyists, and clock and watch enthusiasts


  • Unique mechanical design.
  • Clear instructions in 11 languages.
  • 15-hour project with 338 pieces, enough to tantalize even the most experienced DIY enthusiasts.


  • It takes some considerable effort to make the balance spring move smoothly without stalling.

10. FUNPOLA LED 3D Wood Puzzle Clock Tower

Product Description

FunPola manufacturing makes some of the most intriguing 3D wooden puzzles. This Puzzle Clock Tower has 63 pieces designed for medium difficulty suitable for anyone above 10 years old.

The Clock Tower makes an aesthetically beautiful accessory for home and office side tables. All pieces are 3-layered plywood for that luxurious look. The unit has 48 warm-yellow LED lights and you can vary the brightness.

FUNPOLA LED 3D Wood Puzzle Clock Tower, 3D Puzzle Building Model, 3D Home Décor Puzzle DIY 3D Puzzle Clock Kit Christmas Gift (LED-WTC02)
  • 👉【Impressive and useful home decor 3D puzzle】With the delicate 3D tower design and LED light belt, this 3D puzzle desktop DIY model is not only a joyful and challenging 3d building model, but an impressive and useful home décor showpiece.
  • 👉【High quality plywood with delicate finishing】All the assembly pieces are made of plywood material with smooth surface and edge, which makes this model looks and feels premium in quality.
  • 👉【LED light belt for Impressive lightening】With brightness-adjustable LED light belt(48 LEDs-yellow light), this 3D model is not only a 3D DIY building project but also an eye-catching and useful desktop wooden ornament clock. It could glow beautifully in your room once finished and lights up. AA battery is required (not included)
  • 👉【Fun and Challenging 3D DIY Experience】64 puzzle pieces, medium difficulty, 2-3 Hours Assembly. Suitable for both kids 10+ and adults. Spare parts included for accidental damage or loss. Clear and specific step-by-step instruction booklet included for easy assembly.
  • 👉【A Fun 3D Building Project Beautiful and Practical】FUNPOLA 3D LED puzzle models bring not only joyful building experience, but also impressive and useful home décor ornaments. Your shopping satisfaction always comes first in our store. 90 days unconditional money-back guarantee ensures your shopping experience.


  • Can be a wonderful family or team effort, especially enjoyed with kids.
  • It’s USB-powered, so you don’t have to set it next to a power socket.
  • The package comes with lots of extra pieces in case of breakage.
  • Comes with glue and a file, to adjust any parts that may be poorly cut.


  • Some parts can be fragile and more prone to breaking during assembly.

Review of Top 3 Woodworking Clock Kits

1. Wood Trick Analog Classic Clock 3D Wooden Puzzle

WoodTrick products are top of the line and this 142-piece makes an exciting 3D wood puzzle. DIY enthusiasts can learn the basics of mechanics when assembling the pendulum, clock movement, and all other pieces of the multi-layer 3D design. The completed vintage clock can be any room’s centerpiece and a great conversation starter. It even has a secret compartment to add some mystique and keep small items such as jewelry safe.

2. Quartz Cuckoo Clock Black Forest House with Moving Train

The cuckoo sounds accompanied by the three dancers, a moving train, and various animals nestled in a forest cabin make this a spectacle to watch when it chimes. With a choice of 12 different tunes, it has a beautiful sound quality and high entertainment value. DIY enthusiasts will have fun setting this up, and the whole family will enjoy listening to the chimes for many years to come.

3. FirsTime & Co. White Shiplap Grandfather Floor Clock

This full-size floor clock will beautify your living room, hallway, office, or any other space. It’s a classic beauty that goes with most decor types.

The pieces are designed and cut to perfection, making it a pleasure for DIY enthusiasts to assemble. It is easy to customize as you can stain or paint the surface.

Tips and Tricks for Working with Woodworking Clock Kits

Working with woodworking clock kits can be a rewarding DIY experience when working solo, as a couple, in a group, or as a family. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your DIY woodworking clock project:

  • Check the instructions for details before you buy. Ensure instructions come in your preferred language and have descriptive illustrations that are easy to follow.
  • Once you receive the package, organize and label all pieces before you begin assembly. This helps you locate each piece quickly and easily.
  • Visualize the assembly process and the final setup, then plan each step in advance.
  • Don’t nail or glue any piece until everything is in place. This allows you to check that each part fits and functions as it should.
  • Ensure all wooden components alight to a common grain direction.
  • Test and adjust the clock movement to ensure it keeps proper time and the hands don’t stick at any point.
  • Have fun and enjoy the process. DIY projects are meant to be playful and joyous.


These 10 best woodworking clock kits are favorites for DIY enthusiasts because of clear instructions, quality of materials, value for money, and type of design among other considerations. We also picked items from reputable and reliable manufacturers. 

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, it’s never too early or too late to try 3D wooden puzzles. Get yourself one of these or any other type of wooden clock kits and have fun assembling. Enjoy the assembly and learn about mechanics and engineering basics in a fun way.

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