5 Best Door Hinge Jigs Reviews You Must Read

Cutting out rectangles on doors to make them the size of your door hinges does not have to be as tedious as it sounds. If you have to create door hinges of the same size or different sizes, you can make use of door hinge jigs to make your job easier. Jigs are tools that can assist you in cutting. They also come with a guide that can help you make accurate cuts for your hinges. 

There are many types of hinge jigs for door available in the market. Moreover, these varieties also come in different qualities. If you have not used a professional door hinge cutting tool in the past, you might need help to find the best one. Once you know your way around these hinge jigs, your work will become significantly easier. 

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Find the best door hinge jigs, depending on your needs. The recommendations below are some of the best jigs in the market that are both strong and versatile. Continue reading to find out more about these jigs and make your work more accurate and faster!

Recommended Top 5 door hinge jigs

Here are the top 5 products you can try that are sure to work.

Ryobi A99HT3 Door Hinge Installation Kit

Ryobi hinge jig ‘A99HT3′ is a successor of the previous model ‘A99HT3’. This door hinge installation kit acts as a router template so you can save up to 30 minutes to an hour for each hinge installation. 

Despite having a plastic construction, it doesn’t compromise on durability. It comes with a solid clamp that secures the door firmly. The removable plastic inserts do a great job of accommodating a range of hinge sizes. 

The A99HT3 supports both routers and chisels. With this router hinge jig, you can achieve factory-like finish mortises in no time. Its reversible edges are perfect for 5/8-inches to ¼-inches square and round hinges. 


  • Very durable, can withstand heavyweights
  • Saves time 
  • Comes at an affordable price range 
  • The best option for routing hinge positions on doors


  • The clamp can affect the paint job on your doors.

Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig and Concealed Hinge Bit

Kreg concealed hinge jig is the best for mounting cabinet doors and other such types of smaller doors. The product also comes with a drill that can be used for installation too. The indexing tabs available in this hinge jig lets you take accurate measurements of your projects. Moreover, you can ensure consistency in your measurements using the best door hinge jigs.

Such door hinge jigs come with a stop collar too. This allows you to make sure drilling is accurate in your project. This high-quality drill ensures precision and excellence in your work. Additionally, the drill is sturdy as it is a 35mm Forstner style carbide-tipped model. It could prove to be the perfect model for you if you mainly work with cabinet doors and kitchen doors.


  • Best concealed hinge jig in overall: good for DIY work and small woodworking shop.
  • The drill is very accurate; you can make perfect holes.
  • Can achieve similar results due to the adjustable indexing tabs
  • Comes with user manual for more help
  • Fix all cabinets at home without additional help


  • The material can be soft.
  • The jig is not as flexible as some might want it to be

PORTER-CABLE Door Hinge Template Kit (59381)

If you are in search of the best door hinge jigs, then this is a great option to consider. This durable item can last you for years and serve many purposes during its course of time with you. Such door hinge jigs are made up of aluminum, which makes it extremely strong and fit for many types of doors. It is capable of cutting slots of sizes that range between 3 inches to 6 inches. You can raise the values by half an inch every time you wish to increase it.

This door hinge installation kit is perfect for professionals who deal with various types of doors in their line of work. The template is highly versatile and works for doors of varying thicknesses. This item makes sure you finish your job with immense accuracy and precision too. You might think the cost of this device is a little steep. However, it is only so because it comes with various template guides and carbide tips along with the jig.


  • Made of aluminum, the strong build does not rust.
  • Perfect for varying sizes of doors
  • Different thicknesses of doors can be managed.
  • Very easy to use 
  • Templates are made of aluminum too.
  • The case of this kit is built of a very sturdy carbide tip.
  • The perfect tool for professionals


  • Can have a steep pricing 
  • Heavy to carry around

PORTER-CABLE Door Hinge Template (59370)

This door hinge jig is one of the easiest instruments to use and to handle. Even if you are trying this out for the first time, you will have no trouble mastering it instantly. This device ensures your work is done with utmost precision, and you make accurate cuts every time. The lock-in pins ensure safety, and it can be used by amateurs as well as professionals. This door hinge installation kit is great for all uses.

The durable needles that come with this product are easy to remove. You will also find high-quality mortise router and bearing brads in your order. The instruction manual you receive along with this device is also very helpful when it comes to using this jig. You can easily carry it around with you because this device is lightweight and only weighs 6.4 ounces. This door hinge cutting tool also comes with eight different sizes for hinges ranging between 2.5 inches to 6 inches and five-door sizes ranging between 1-3/8 inch to 2.5 inches. 


  • Great for carpentry 
  • Perfect for professionals or amateurs
  • Precise cutting 
  • Lightweight 
  • Strong build 
  • Many varying size options 


  • The router may wear down after prolonged use
  • Flexible location pins move a little bit.

Milescraft 1213 HingeMate300

If you generally work with the security aspect of doors, this is one of the best door hinge jigs for you. It is made out of steel so you can rely on it to be durable and immensely sturdy. It comes with screws that attach it to the wood so that it does not fall apart. This door hinge jig comes with templates that can help you with a large variety of doors with different sizes and thicknesses. These templates work great for rounded as well as straight hinge too. 

This door hinge installation kit includes tungsten carbide tipped router too. It is great for routing doors or jambs with ease. The numerous templates come with adjustable sizes that work for doors between 2.5 inches to 4.5 inches. You can use this kit even if you are a beginner because of how easy it is to use. Moreover, you can use the manual available for increased convenience.


  • Easy to use
  • The built of steel, and it does not rust.
  • Lightweight can easily carry around.
  • The perfect tool for beginners 
  • Numerous size options available
  • Increases safety and privacy of doors
  • Works well for both indoors and outdoors 


  • Guiding a template made of plastic might not be of the best quality.
  • The nob used for adjusting can break if not used properly.

Your guide to using door hinge jigs

Here are a few tips that can help you when it comes to using the best door hinge jigs. 

How to begin?

There are many different types of door hinge jigs available for use. So, the chances are that you may be dealing with a different kind of tool depending on the brand of hinge jig you use. You must do your research well and go through the guiding manual provided to you by the manufacturer. This is an important step, even if you are a professional. Most door hinge cutting tools differ from each other in their mechanism and their parts. You may be proficient in using one product, but you will need help with a new one. 

Here are a few things that you must do to make sure you cut your hinge slots accurately and in the most precise way possible. These steps can make your job easier irrespective of which type of hinge jig you use for your doors.

  1. Measuring the shape of your hinge and its jigs should be done before you place them on your door.
  2. After measuring, place the door on the hinge shapes, you created earlier
  3. Position it correctly and adjust it
  4. Make sure the slider is placed correctly on top of the hinge.
  5. Estimate the depth before you begin cutting, do this by adjusting your router
  6. Keep checking if your router is in the correct depth.
  7. Make sure you place the router over the jig and let the shoe rest on the rail, and you can also let it rest on the jig.
  8. Use the outline given to make the right cut on your object.
  9. Slide the router correctly over these guided lines
  10. Remove the jig once you are done cutting.
  11. Place the hinge on the mortise and fix it on the door.

Kitchen Door Hinge Template Jig

Kitchen hinge jigs do not necessarily have to be the strongest. People are generally looking for door hinge jigs that are stylish and that go well with the rest of the interiors of their homes. This is what makes kitchen door hinge jigs different from regular ones. Generally, people don’t want heavy doors and big structures in their kitchens. These are generally small-sized cabinets that can be replaced regularly. Kitchen door hinge jigs are easy to replace and change.

Spring Door Hinge:

These door hinge jigs are a little difficult to install. Such hinge jigs come with springs, and the quality and assembly of your hinge jigs depend on the quality of the spring. You need high quality and sturdy springs that work well with regular use. There are many options available in the market to find the perfect spring door hinge jigs. Do thorough research before settling for one.

The key distinction between Fixtures and Jigs:

There is a major difference between fixtures and jigs as they have different functions and purposes. However, you can find certain objects that work great as both fixtures and jigs. You can also find different types of jigs that serve varying purposes. Some of the most common varieties include jeweler’s and welder’s jigs. A Jig is great for users because it helps you work more efficiently and reduces the workload.

Concealed hinge jig:

Concealed hinge jigs are perfect for modern settings. These are used in wardrobes and other contemporary doors in homes. Concealed door hinge jigs include electric handles that ensure smooth working. There is also a pit available that makes sure the jig works well. 

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Top 3 concealed hinge jigs brands in the market:

  • Kreg Tool Company KHI-HINGE Concealed Hinge Jig:

Kreg tool is a renowned name in the industry. It creates reliable tools that can last you for years. This concealed door hinge jig is one of the strongest tools you will own. It is also easy to use and carry around because of its great design and versatility. With great reviews, this tool is on top of the charts for most.

  • Rockler Concealed Hinge Router Jig-It:

Rockler is a popular brand in the industry and produces very sturdy, concealed door hinge jigs. You can get flexible tools from this brand that can help you with a wide range of tasks that you wish to perform. One of the best parts about this is you can easily find replacements for this tool.

  • Kreg Tool Company KHI-PULL Cabinet Hardware Jig:

If you are looking for a model with new features, then this is it. This concealed door hinge jig has a unique shape and style. It is very versatile and can be used for many projects. The build of this product is very sturdy too. Get repeated accuracy with this high-quality product.


Here are a few questions you might have regarding these door hinge jigs.

  • Q. How to use a router bit correctly along with the template?

It is easy to identify a router bit. These bits are also known as hinge mortising bits, and it is a little different from most router bits. The difference between these devices is that the depth of the cut made via this router is shallower. You can use these routers to make cuts on the edges of doors and make sure that the recess you keep is small in size. Moreover, using a guide bush will help you adjust this very depth accordingly.

  • Q. What is a Dremel, and can it be used for doors?

A Dremel tool is a rotatory tool that can be used on many different surfaces. You can use it on glass, plastic, wood, metal, and many other surfaces depending on your needs. It is a highly versatile tool. 

Yes, it can be used for doors too. You can disassemble a Dremel by opening its spindle. Further, you can insert the router bit into space and tighten it using the Dremel wrench. After this, you can go ahead and connect the body of the router to the device itself and use it for the mortise. You can use the knob to adjust the height of the Dremel. It works best for metal and steel doors.

  • Q. What is a mortise hinge?

A mortise is essentially a cut-out piece of the surface where you generally mount the hinge of a door. These hinges can be fixed on the mortise before they are placed on doors, cabinets, and jambs. A door jamb hinge jig has two leaves that are placed on the cut mortise.

Further, these mortise hinges are aligned properly along with the door frames, and the doors are fit perfectly. This task requires a lot of precision and skill. This is one of the reasons why people generally use door hinge jigs to make sure that the hinges are places accurately.

  • Q. Is it necessary to chisel the door hinges?

It is advised to use a door hinge jig for most of the work you have. However, if you are more comfortable with the chisel, you can make use of it too. The chisel is recommended only when you do not have more than one door to hang. It is so because your accuracy is compromised when you use a chisel instead of a door hinge installation kit. You need to estimate the depth, and this is not possible when you use a chisel.

  • Q. What is the correct way to assemble a hinge on a door?

It depends on the type of hinge you are dealing with. The best and easiest way to assemble any type of door hinge is by using door hinge jigs. There are three basic types of hinges available. These include left hand, right hand, and reversible hinges.

You need to figure out which way your door opens and use a hinge accordingly. These hinges determine which way your door will open. For instance, if you want the door to open on the inside, you will need a right-hand hinge. In such doors, the doorknob will be placed on the right-hand side, and the left-hand hinge will be on the left side of the door.

  • Q. Is it important to recess door hinges?

It is advised that you recess hinges after installing a door. This helps in insulation and provides your door with more stability. Gaps in your doors can let air pass through them, and in extreme weather conditions, this can make you very uncomfortable. However, it is not recommended to recess hollow-core doors.

  • Q. Is it important to door hinge router jig templates?

You must use a hinge template before you begin using door hinge jigs. This is because templates give you a better idea as to how you can make more accurate and precise cuts. You can begin performing this task without templates once you gain enough practice and are proficient on your own.

Finding the right tools are very important for all craftsmen. If you are looking for the best door hinge jigs, this list might help you find them. Be sure to settle on a jig once you are completely satisfied with its quality only!

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