Best Hacksaws of 2022

Hacksaws are an essential part of any DIYer’s toolkit. They are ideal for cutting across tough material. Because of this, every nifty handyman has at least one or a combination of different hacksaws. Whether it is carpenters, electricians, plumbers, or even surgeons, hacksaws have proven to be quite useful.

However, there are so many options in the market that can create confusion. Even experienced DIYers and professionals may need to do some research before they can buy the best hacksaws for their needs. This guide not only lists seven of the best hacksaws of 2022 but also features an extensive buying guide that will help you make an informed choice. 

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Top Hacksaw Picks for 2024

The best hacksaws for 2022 have been ranked based on three main factors – durability, performance, and quality. Each of the hacksaws is ideal for a particular kind of metal-cutting project. However, you will find that each is still a standout for which it makes it to this list. 

1. LENOX Tools High-Tension Hacksaw - The Best Overall

Product Specification

  • Weight – 1.85 pounds
  • Number of Blades Included – One blade 12 inch
  • Blade Length – 12 inches
  • Blade Tension Adjustment – 50,000 PSI
  • Number of Teeth – 24 

Product Description

The LENOX high-tension hacksaw with a 12-inch ultra-sharp blade is definitely the hero on the 2022 list of best hacksaws. The blade’s advanced and innovative tension mechanism makes it extremely easy to grip, make neat and sharp cuts, and slice through metal bars and thresholds without any hassles. 

The hacksaw comes with a rubber handle and a durable frame to ensure you get the best possible cuts, even with a single stroke. With a total weight of 1.85 pounds, this hacksaw is heavy enough to endure a rigorous session of metal cutting without being too heavy for an extended grip. 

The saw blade has one sharp blade having 24 teeth per inch (TPI). Besides, the saw’s handle has space to hold five such blades. A unique thing about this hacksaw is that it can be easily used as a jab. All you need to do is fit a LENOX 6-inch reciprocating blade (exclusive of this package). 

Plus, the hacksaw has a wide adjustment range so that the blade can easily be removed by hand. From smooth steel rods to copper pipes, this hacksaw can easily achieve it all, given that its tightening bolt can be turned up to 12 times.

LENOX Tools High-Tension Hacksaw, 12-inch (12132HT50), Blue
  • The LENOX hacksaw uses an I-beam construction, allowing the blade to tension up to 50,000 psi
  • Rubberized handles allow for confident handling, even in wet and cold environments
  • Hacksaw accepts any LENOX reciprocating saw blade to be used as a jab saw
  • LENOX hacksaw stores up to 5 extra 12-inch hacksaw blades in the I-beam
  • All hacksaw come with one 12-inch, 24 TPI hacksaw blade


  • High tension
  • Wide adjustment range
  • Can be converted to a jab saw
  • Easy 5-blade storage is available


  • Blade change might be inconvenient 

2. Capri Tools 20105 Mini Hacksaw – The Most Compact

Product Specification

  • Weight – 0.43 pounds
  • Blade Length – 12 inches 
  • Number of Blades Included – One 12-inch blade 
  • Number of Teeth – 24 

Product Description

For those searching for a compact hacksaw that can easily cut tight spaces, the Capri Tools 20105 Mini Hacksaw is the ideal choice. This hacksaw has a patented design so that it can accommodate a blade of 10 or 12 inches. 

The 12-inch blade variant comes with a TPI of 24. The base of the blade is flexible, high-quality carbon, whereas the teeth are made of heavy-duty steel. The hacksaw weighs 0.43 pounds and offers great precision for metal cutting. 

The hacksaw handle features a soft, ergonomic design, making it easy to grip securely for smooth cuts. It also offers additional control and torque for precise cutting outcomes. The Capri Tools 20105 Mini Hacksaw shows impressive durability for a handy, lightweight hacksaw. 

It is simply the best hacksaw in 2022 for cutting metals and steel rods in spaces where fitting a standard hacksaw is not possible. 

Capri Tools 20105 12″ Mini Hacksaw
  • Mini hacksaw is ideal for cutting in tight spaces
  • Patented design lets you Install standard 10 or 12 in. saw blades
  • Light and durable body
  • Ergonomic soft handle provides comfort as well as extra torque and control
  • Includes a heavy duty bi-metal 12 in. x 24TPI saw blade


  • Ideal for metal cutting in tight spaces
  • Two blade lengths accepted – 10 or 12 inches
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Ergonomic, secure grip handle


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cutting 

3. Stanley 5-in-1 Hacksaw - Best for Professional Use

Product Specification

  • Weight – 2.2 pounds
  • Number of Blades Included – One 12-inch blade 
  • Blade Length – 12 inches 
  • Number of Teeth – 24 
  • Blade Adjustment Range – 220 PSI 

Product Description

Stanley’s product quality and performance need no mention. From a household name comes the brilliant Stanley 5-in-1 hacksaw in multicolor. This hacksaw has a lightweight frame with a total weight of 2.2 pounds. 

The package comes with one 12-inch saw blade along with storage space for additional blades. One unique thing about this hacksaw is that it can be used in tight working spaces. All you need to do is remove the front part of the frame like a jab saw. 

The saw is advertised as 5-in-1 because its blade can be dismantled in numerous ways. Being high-tension, the hacksaw offers enough grip needed to make smooth cuts through heavy metals. 

The handle is ergonomic because it offers a secure grip and protects hands against painful sores. The blade tension can be adjusted up to 220 PSI, albeit it would require a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Stanley 0-20-108 5 in 1 Hack Saw, Multicolor
  • Length: 16.92in
  • Lightweight frame with 220lbs blade tension, a comfort grip handle and an integrated storage for replacement blades
  • When working in tight spaces, the front section of the frame can be removed like a jab saw


  • Well-engineered tool for heavy-duty metal cutting
  • Can be easily converted to a jab saw for tight-space cutting
  • Comes with a comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • Replacement blade storage is available
  • Blade tension can be adjusted up to 220 PSI


  • Tension adjustment requires a screwdriver
  • May be too heavy, especially for tight-space cutting 

4. CRAFTSMAN CMHT20138 – Best Hacksaw on Budget

Product Specification

  • Weight – 1.23 pounds
  • Blade Length – 12 inches
  • Number of Blades Included – None (needs to be purchased separately)
  • Blade Tension Adjustment – 225 PSI
  • Number of Teeth – 6 

Product Description

For all the space-constrained woodworking shops, the Jet JJP 12 is a heavy-duty jointer planer is a perfect choice. Its working tables are cast iron, making them highly durable and long-lasting. The Jet JJP 12 also produces extremely precise cuts due to its ingenious parallelogram design.

The massive size of this model helps in processing large pieces of wood, which sets it apart from the competition. The large size also allows Jet to manufacture high-quality precision control leading to accurate cutting. The three knife cutter head provides rapid processing capability.

“First time through was with a piece of walnut, 5/4 x 6″ x 5ft – edged and planed beautifully. If you work with wood often enough, you’ll be happy with this unit, purchasing rough material at a lumber yard.” reported a satisfied customer.

CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 12-Inch Hacksaw (CMHT20138)
  • BLADE SECURITY: Solid metal frame of the hand saw is designed for tension up to 225 lbs.
  • DEEP CUTS: The handsaw has 12-inch fixed blade length and 4.375-inch cutting depth
  • FLUSH CUTS: 90-degree and 180-degree adjustable blade angles allow for flush cuts
  • COMFORT: Large, comfortable tension knob with a full-grip handle


  • Budget-friendly
  • Secure-grip handle for precise cutting and comfort
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Tension adjustment wing nut included


  • No blades are included in the package 

5.GANCHUN Handsaw – Best Heavy-Duty Hacksaw

Product Specification

  • Weight – 1.19 pounds
  • Blade Length – 12 inches
  • Number of Blades Included – One 12-inch blade
  • Number of Teeth – 24

Product Description

With the frame manufactured of aluminum alloy and high-quality carbon steel, the GANCHUN Handsaw is not your average hacksaw. It is exclusively made for heavy-duty metal cutting. This hacksaw comes with a standard 12-inch blade with 24 teeth per inch (TPI). 

The saw in itself is pretty lightweight at 1.19 pounds. However, it is designed for heavy-duty use. The handle is pistol-grip, secure, ergonomic, and soft to ensure hassle-free, long sessions of intense metal cutting.  

In case you need to use the hacksaw to cut blades at different angles, its blade can be easily adjusted for angles like 45 and 90 degrees. Even this hacksaw comes with an oversized wing nut located at the base of the handle for easy blade adjustment. 

The 24 teeth of the blade are securely held in a bracket that facilitates neat cuts, whether large or fine. Though perfect for heavy-duty cutting, the hacksaw can handle simple DIY work and minor cutting projects.

Hand Saw, 12 inch Hacksaw Frame Heavy Duty Adjustable Hacksaw with 2 Extra High-Carbon Steel Blade for Steel Pipe Cutting, PVC, Carpentry, Woodworking
  • [MATERIAL] Our hacksaw is made of high quality aluminum alloy and sturdy high carbon steel, which is high hardness, durable and solid.
  • [ADJUSTABLE TENSION] This type of hacksaw allows adjustable blade angles of 45 and 90 degrees, ensuring different angles of cutting as well as meeting your different needs.
  • [ERGONOMICALLY DESIGN] Ergonomically designed handle for security, and comfortable cutting. The handle can reduce hand’s fatigue which greatly save your strength and also improve user’s work efficiency.
  • [PRECISE SAWING] The specially hardened teeth of the hacksaw, are held in place by a solid bracket and easily handle cuts – large or small – that are precise and fine.
  • [UNIVERSAL] Our hacksaws are Ideal for indoor DIY work, for minor cutting work on plasterboard or wood for camping campfire. The optimal mini tool!Best gifts for Father’s Day,Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.


  • Pistol-grip secure handle
  • Durable and sturdy frame
  • Oversized wing nut for easy blade tension adjustment
  • Adjustable blade angles


  • Cannot be used for tight-space cutting

6. Pasco Tiny Tim Hacksaw 4290 – Best for Crafting

Product Specification

  • Weight – 3.84 ounces
  • Blade Length – 6 inches
  • Number of Blades Included – One 6-inch blade

Product Description

While some of the other hacksaws on this list feature a blade that is at least 10 or 12 inches long, the Tiny Tim hacksaw, as its name suggests, is just 10 inches long, from one tip to the other. 

This hacksaw weighs a little less than 4 ounces and is ideal for minor cutting projects such as dowel rods, metal sticks, copper tubes, etc. The blade is just 6 inches long, and the hacksaw features a single-piece frame that holds the saw and the handle. 

This hacksaw can be used for tight-spot cutting as the angular part of the blade is specifically designed for such a purpose. The handle is coated with vinyl and offers a secure grip, being anti-slip and ergonomic for maximum comfort. 

Overall, this hacksaw is a huge must-have in a crafter’s bucket. However, even plumbing professionals and handymen can keep one simply for the fact that it can easily find its way into cramped spaces where a standard-size hacksaw simply cannot. 

Pasco 4290 Tiny Tim Hacksaw
  • Great hacksaw for tight areas
  • Cuts steel and brass
  • Vinyl grip handle


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Vinyl-coated handle grip
  • Ideal for small DIY projects


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cutting

7. Stanley STHT20138 – Best High-Tension Hacksaw

Product Specification

  • Weight – 1.2 pounds
  • Blade Length – 12 inches
  • Number of Blades Included – One 12-inch blade
  • Number of Teeth – 24
  • Blade Frame Adjustment – 225 PSI

Product Description

The best high-tension hacksaw in the 2022 market, the Stanley Hacksaw STHT20138, is most suitable for making smooth and fast straight cuts. Coming with a standard 12-inch blade with a 24 TPI count, this hacksaw’s frame can be adjusted up to 225 PSI. 

Even the angle of the blade can be adjusted between 90 to 180 degrees. This hacksaw features a highly comfortable, ergonomic, and secure pistol grip handle for fast cutting. The hacksaw is lightweight compared to others on the list, weighing only 1.2 pounds. 

The hacksaw features a full-grip handle with a large tension knob to facilitate ease of use. It is also compact in the sense that it measures only 16 inches, from one tip to the other. 

STANLEY Hand Saw, High Tension Hacksaw, 12-Inch (STHT20138)
  • Solid metal frame of the hand saw is designed for tension up to 225 lbs.
  • The handsaw has 12-inch fixed blade length and 4.375-inch cutting depth
  • 90-degree and 180-degree adjustable blade angles allowing flush cuts
  • Large, comfortable tension knob with a full-grip handle
  • 12-Inch Fixed blade length, 4.375-Inch cutting depth


  • Sturdy steel and alloy frame
  • Oversized wing nut for frame adjustment
  • Easy blade adjustment


  • Too hefty for compact spaces

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Hacksaw 2022

Though the above-mentioned hacksaws are all unique and take care of different cutting needs, you can choose your ideal one better if you use the following factors as a buying guide –

Saw Blade

A hacksaw blade is measured by its pitch, which includes the number of teeth the blade has per inch or TPI. Standard hacksaw blades’ TPI count ranges between 12 and 32. The thumb rule is that longer blades come with fewer TPI, whereas shorter blades have a higher TPI. 

There are different kinds of hacksaw blades, including –

  • All-hard blade – Best-suited for cutting cast iron, all-hard blades come with varying lengths and TPI counts. These blades are made using tempered, hardened steel. 
  • Fine-grade blade – The fine-grade hacksaw blade is ideal for cutting smooth strips. With a TPI range between 24 and 30, these blades are only suitable for cutting thin bars and pipes. 
  • Superfine-grade blade – Generally having a TPI that ranges between 30 and 32, superfine-grade blades are the most suitable for cutting delicate metal rods. The cutting time will be longer with these blades due to the superfine grade. 
  • Medium-grade blade – The standard TPI for a hacksaw blade is 24, which makes it suitable for multiple purposes. However, medium-grade blades can have a TPI that ranges between 24 and 30. They are ideal for smooth cuts down pipes and bars, but the finer the blade, the longer it will take to cut. 
  • Coarse-grade blade – Usually having a TPI count that ranges between 12 and 18, these hacksaw blades are ideal for aggressive and heavy-duty metal cutting. The lower TPI count also reduces the time taken to cut smoothly. 


In general, hacksaws are made using lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy or carbon. However, the blades can be made of premium steel. As for the handles, they are usually made using materials like polyethylene or wood. 

The best hacksaws are made using high-speed steel, which is an alloy comprising molybdenum and tungsten. Such alloys can easily withstand high temperatures created due to cutting friction. This is especially useful in the case of heavy-duty or high-tension hacksaws, as steel blades last much longer than their carbon counterparts. 


Hacksaws can vary in weight, making them suitable for specific purposes. For instance – some hacksaws can weigh just a few ounces, and these are generally suitable for cutting delicate metal rods. 

However, a hacksaw that can house full-size blades usually weighs over 2 pounds and is ideal for heavy-duty usage. However, modern technological advancements have made it possible to manufacture hacksaws that are lightweight but do not compromise on durability, precision, or performance. 


The standard hacksaw blade length ranges between 10 to 12 inches. However, some compact or small models may also feature blades as short as 6 inches. A few models can be easily extended over their standard length with a reciprocating blade to act as a jab saw. 

The blade length determines the performance and suitability of the hacksaw. For instance – Long or standard hacksaws are more suitable for heavy metal cutting. The compact 6-inch blade hacksaws are ideal for sawing delicate metal rods and work best in tight spaces where a standard saw may be too cumbersome.

Handle Design

This is one of the most important factors to consider after blade quality because the handle determines the degree of safety the hacksaw offers. Most hacksaws are manufactured with a pistol-grip handle that is ergonomic in design and provides comfort for heavy sawing needs. 

Most handles come with a rubber, non-slip grip that ensures the hacksaw does not easily slide off the hand during extended periods of heavy cutting. Two important things to remember while purchasing a hacksaw are that the grip should eliminate hand fatigue and be sufficiently large. Even in the case of short-blade saws, the grip should be large enough to be comfortable, or the saw may pose safety threats. 

The Frame – Fixed or Adjustable 

In the case of a fixed blade hacksaw, it is made from a single piece of solid steel and usually houses one standard-size blade of 10 or 12 inches. However, an adjustable hacksaw comes with a frame that can be easily adjusted to accommodate blades of varying lengths. 

Both kinds of hacksaws include wing nuts, pins, and clamps that help secure the blade in place.


The hacksaws listed in this guide are some of the best in the present-day market. While all are top-notch in their unique way, every handyman’s toolkit will require a specific kind of hacksaw. Your cutting skills and needs will determine the ideal one. 

If you’re a handyman who uses their hacksaw regularly and for heavy-duty purposes, consider investing in a Stanley or LENOX hacksaw. However, the LENOX is the more lightweight option if weight can be a problem. 

In case your sawing needs are limited to thin metal strips, bamboo, and other fragile projects, save money by investing in a compact Capri Tools Mini hacksaw or the CRAFTSMAN handsaw. As for the latter’s blade, you can easily purchase one with the desired TPI from a local home improvement store. 

So, what are you waiting for? Consider all the important factors mentioned above, assess your requirements, and make an investment in your toolbox today!

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