Best Mini Metal Lathes in 2022 (Review & Guide)

Machines that you would typically use in a workshop would have a lathe as the mother of all of them. In some cases, they can even be used to work hard metals without any problem. In this article, we have listed some of the best metal lathes, which have been selected based on these factors:

  • Size: It is vital to make sure that the metal lathe you purchase is large enough to work on your projects. You can do so by checking their size and ensuring that they are suitable for your job. While most are metal lathes that measure 7 inches by 14 inches, some measure 11 inches by 26 inches or larger.
  • Speed: Your lathe should be able to process metal pieces of any size, as well as be powerful. A metal lathe’s motor speed can be easily checked for this purpose. In general, metal lathes have a maximum speed of 2500 RPM, which should be adequate for most users.
  • Wattage: It is also important to consider the wattage rating when buying a metal lathe and ensuring it is a powerful one. The wattage of most metal lathes is also about 500 watts to 550 watts, just like the speed rating.

It is possible to consider these factors when buying a metal lathe, but there is more to consider as well. All of the varying metal lathes listed here also have a detailed analysis of their major features and options in this article.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022



Avg. Rating



Grizzly G9972Z 11″ x 26″ Bench Lathe


  • Variety of speed settings.

  • Accurate and efficient results.

  • Requires no batteries.

Grizzly G8688 Mini Metal Lathe


  • Powerful ¾-HP motor.

  • Versatile.

  • Good for beginners.

Mophorn B01MCVQ42C Mini Metal Lathe


  • Easily assemble and operate.

  • A digital display.

  • High-quality materials.

Erie Tools 7 x 14-Inch Precision Bench Top Mini Metal Milling Lathe


  • Adjust the motor speed in either direction.

  • Precise and accurate.

  • Easily assemble and operate.

BestEquip 8×16 Inch Mini Metal Lathe  – Premium Choice


  • Durable construction.

  • Versatile.

  • Variable speed control.

Grizzly G9972Z 11" x 26" Bench Lathe

Product Description

This bench lathe with a swing of 10-1/2″, a spindle bore of 25mm, and 26-inch between centers is an outstanding value and capable of handling light-duty tasks. Moreover, a 1 HP engine means you will be able to tackle even the most challenging jobs with ease. 

It is a valuable machine and a ton of machinery for a mechanical engineer interested in leisure activities! It is easy to use the gearbox and maintain the device itself. 

As well as the control panel is easy to understand, and you can also quickly learn how to use it. In order to prevent serious injuries or harm to yourself, this machine has an emergency stop.

This machine has a single-phase, 1 HP, 110V motor. The speed ranges from 150-2400 RPM, so you can choose the level that suits your needs. A product of this size measures 57.5 x 30 x 25.5 inches. 

A machine of this type is generally used in larger industries or workplaces where there is sufficient space. The machine is heavy at 517 pounds, making it difficult to move around.


Grizzly G9972Z Bench Lathe with Gearbox, 11 x 26-Inch
  • 6 speeds: 150 300 560 720 1200 2400 RPM Distance between centers: 26-Inch
  • Distance between centers: 26-Inch
  • Motor: 1 HP 110v 60 Hz
  • Swing: 10-5/8-Inch over bed; 6-3/8-Inch over cross-slide
  • Travel: 3-1/2-Inch compound; 7-Inch cross-slide; 23-Inch carriage

Things we love about it

  • It has a variety of speed settings. 
  • Easily read and understandable. 
  • You will get accurate and efficient results. 
  • It requires no batteries.

Things we should consider

  • This is heavy. 
  • The size is larger. 
  • This is not suitable for a small workplace.

Grizzly G8688 Mini Metal Lathe

Product Description

Among the most popular mini metal lathes, it has become one of the most popular names. The quality, durability, and deficiencies of these tools are all impeccable. A machine of such quality cannot but be among the best produced by Grizzly Industrial.

The lead screw has a 16 TPI reversible design for flexibility when you are working with different materials. It will be helpful for different kinds of projects to have a reverse mode at every speed. Generally, it’s best to stick with 5/8-inch stocks since the chuck diameter is about 11/16 inches.

A mini metal lathe with variable speed can be used for a variety of projects due to its variable speed. It is powered by a 3/4-HP motor, and its maximum tool bit size is 5/16-inch. It runs between 1,100 and 2,500 revolutions per minute. The thread range is 12 to 52 TPI which also adds to its versatility, and thread pitch options are 18 (inches) and 10 (metric).

This 90-pound lathe has a swing-over-bed of 7 inches and a center distance of 12 inches. The threading dial indicator helps you make accurate workpiece adjustments, while the chip tray and backsplash guard help keep your workspace uncluttered. Cleaning up metal debris in your workspace is an additional task.

The Grizzly G8688 Mini, despite its intricate design, should be easily operated by those who have experience with tiny metal lathes.

Grizzly Industrial G8688-7″ x 12″ Mini Metal Lathe
  • Variable Speed
  • 16 TPI Reversible Lead screw
  • Forward and reverse in all speeds
  • Chip Tray and Backsplash Guard
  • Threading Dial Indicator

Things we love about it

  • Material with high strength.
  • The components are durable.
  • A versatile design that can handle any situation.
  • Easy to cut, drill, and turn.
  • The reverse function saves the operator time and effort.

Things we should consider

  • It would be easier to use the tool holder if we had a compound slide.
  • Metal lathe experience is required.
  • A plastic head and housing, as well as threading gears, are used.

Mophorn B01MCVQ42C Mini Metal Lathe

Product Description

This Mophorn B01MCVQ42C tool was designed to make metal lathes more accessible to beginners. This model is pretty attractive due to its low price.

This Mophorn 8 x 16 metal late offers high precision work at an affordable price. This is all accomplished without taking up too much space in your workshop. A precision metal lathe that can run at 0 to 2500 RPM will perform exceptionally well. The same applies to bushings, models, prototypes, spindles, etc. As well as counteracting and turning, it did a great job.

Additionally, the Mophorn Metal Lathe comes with a tool post, a micro switch, and a chuck guard. The tool features a six-hole steel spindle. You can directly mount 3-inch, 3 jaws, and 4 jaw chucks with this. 

These machines have a 3-inch spindle diameter. Additionally, the tool can use optional 5-inch and 4-inch diameter chucks when using the black plates. A cut-out switch is also included with the tool. A hinged lid holds the red emergency button. 

Models such as this can be utilized in many different ways, from hobbyists at home to educators who want to teach their students about metalworking.  

Vevor Metal Lathe 7 x 12 Inch, Precision Mini Metal Lathe 2250 RPM 550W Variable Speed, Mini Lathe Precision Bench Top Metal Working Lathe for Various Types of Metal Turning : Tools & Home Improvement
  • 【Sturdy Iron Construction】- The Mini Metal Lathe Bed Is Made Of High-Grade Iron. Equipped With Nylon Gears, This Lathe Machine Is Wear-Resistant, Durable, And Professional. Mini Metal Lathe Power Of Motor: 550W. The Full-Length Splashguard Provides Maximum Protection.
  • 【Infinitely Variable Speed】- Variable Speed From 50-2250 Rpm. Forward And Reverse At All Speeds. Operate Either Manually Or With The Adjustable Auto Feed Rate. The Hardness And Accuracy Of The Slideways Are Obtained By Raw Material, Heat Hardening And Grinding. The Emergency Stop Button Included.
  • 【Accurate 3-Jaw Chuck】- 3-Jaw Self-Centering Chuck For Setting Materials Steadily. Backsplash Guard Included. The Spindle Is Supported By Precision Tapered Roller Bearings, Spindle Accuracy Within 0.01Mm.
  • 【Professional Compound Rest】- The Mini Metal Lathe Quick Change Tool Post Can Achieve Positions Of Internal Cutting, Face Cutting, And Bevel Cutting By Changing The Tool Post Angle And Adjusting The Compound Rest. The Professional Slide Is Designed With Abrasive Resistance, Moving Blades Freely With A Feed Rod.

Things we love about it

  • You can select the speed that is most comfortable for you. 
  • You can easily assemble and operate it even if you are a beginner. 
  • Material and components are quality.
  • High-quality materials are used in making this unit. 
  • A digital display on the lathe will make handling and adjusting the machine easy.

Things we should consider

  • Contains only basic functions for retail. 
  • The motor may not function well.

Erie Tools 7 x 14-Inch Precision Bench Top Mini Metal Milling Lathe

Product Description

One more machine on a somewhat larger scale is the This machine has a maximum speed of 2,501 RPM and comes with variable speed controls on its motor. It is great that it allows left-handed threading in both directions. The thread range is 12 to 52 TPI, allowing metric or imperial measurements to be selected.

Small and portable, this machine provides a 7-inch swing and a 14-inch distance between focuses. It can turn metal up to 84 cubic crawls in size. This makes lefthand stringing an alternative. The advanced readout makes it easy to modify RPMs. 

The motor of this machine can be adjusted to suit your needs. Dimensionally, the product is comparatively large as it is 36 x 17.3 x 14.6 inches. There is a 120 V motor. This machine produces excellent results and is highly accurate. It weighs 104.2 pounds, so moving it around should be a bit easier than usual.  

The tool boasts precision and finesse despite the many ways that you can use it, and you will be able to use all the features without much difficulty.

Erie Tools 7 x 14 Precision Bench Top Mini Metal Milling Lathe Variable Speed 2500 RPM & Digital Readout with 5 pc. Cutter Kit
  • Includes the lathe, chuck key, five-piece carbide tipped cutter kit, internal chuck jaws and external chuck jaws, 11 feed rate gears and owners manual
  • Drill, cut and turn metal, wood and plastic parts with precision.
  • Erie Tools variable speed 7 in. x 14 in. benchtop mini metal lathe creates precision parts.
  • Variable speed motor adjusts to 2500 RPM in either rotational direction allows left-handed threads.
  • Thread indicator helps users turn screw threads anywhere from 12 to 52 TPI. Metric or imperial.

Things we love about it

  • This machine allows you to adjust motor speed in either direction, so you can thread with either hand. 
  • You can adjust the motor speed to suit your needs. 
  • No batteries are needed. 
  • It is precise and accurate. 
  • It is durable.

Things we should consider

  • It is very fragile. 
  • There is no warranty for one year. 
  • There is an issue with the left-hand gear cover.

BestEquip 8×16 Inch Mini Metal Lathe – Premium Choice

Product Description

An accurate and sturdy metal lathe from BestEquip comes with a lot of useful features. You can also use it to work on your metal lathe projects with the help of its high-performance features and its reliable motor. This product offers you great performance as well as versatility, durability, and quality.

Generally, this is a well-balanced and reliable machine. Aluminum is a material that’s durable and corrosion-resistant, so it’s worth the price. With a powerful 550-watt motor, the machine can handle tasks more efficiently, and nylon gearing gives the machine a smooth, precise cutting experience.

You will be able to work with a wide range of parts for a wide range of applications. Variable speeds range from 0 to 2500 RPM. The speed can be easily adjusted so that you can work with the best accuracy possible. It is possible to achieve spindle accuracy of up to 0.004, or to a hundredth of a millimeter.

Additionally, this machine includes a variety of features that are convenient and meet various requirements. Besides its professional cross-slide and high-accuracy chuck, this machine has a four-way tool post for high precision. For your own personal projects, it is equally at home in large production shops as it is in your garage.

It will take some getting used to before you can get the results you’re seeking from this product. The product is also quite expensive. It is recommended for experts who require a high degree of precision in their projects.

BestEquip Metal Lathe, 8″ x 16″ Benchtop Lathe, Mini Metal Lathe 0-2500 RPM Variable Speed, Mini Lathe with 3-Jaw Chuck, Bench Top Metal Lathe, for Various Types of Metal Turning
  • Infinitely Variable Speed: The mini metal lathe with metal gears is driven by powerful motor. Variable Speed: 0-2250RPM. The LED screen shows you a clear and accurate speed for accurate working. Operate either manually or with the adjustable auto feed rate. Spindle Accuracy: 0.0004-0.0012″ (0.01-0.03 mm).
  • 400mm Large Swing Range: The benchtop lathe is equipped with a 3-jaw chuck. Swing Over Bed: 8-1/4″ (210 mm) and Swing Over Cross Slide: 15-3/4″ (400mm) offers more possibilities for large size or/and heavy workpieces.
  • Professional Compound Rest: The mini lathe machine quick change tool post can achieve positions of internal cutting, face cutting, and bevel cutting by changing the tool post angle and adjusting the compound rest, moving blades freely with feed rod. 4-Way turret tool post (3/8″ max tool size).
  • Supportive & Protective: Soft start, change-over switch for clockwise or counter-clockwise spindle rotation. Equipped with all-metal gears. Steady rest works as end support ensuring chatter-free operation. Backsplash guard included.
  • Adjustable Tailstock: Taper in Tailstock Spindle: MT2. Rotate the lever clockwise to lock the spindle and rotate clockwise to advance the handwheel. To off-set the tailstock for cutting tapers by adjusting the four set screws located on the tailstock base. Travel: compound rest 2-1/8″ (54mm), cross slide 3″ (76mm).

Things we love about it

  • The RPM setting is versatile. 
  • Two chucks are included. 
  • Precision is very high. 
  • Results are consistent and smooth. 
  • A user-friendly interface. 
  • Easily assembled.

Things we should consider

  • A bit expensive for the majority of people. 
  • The tailstock must be adjusted before the machine can be operated.
  • Components of poor quality. 
  • The motor is of poor quality.

Shop Fox M1015 Mini Metal Lathe

Product Description

This mini lathe has a size of 27.75 by 11.5 by 12 inches and a weight of just 71 pounds, making it ideal for almost anywhere. There are several functions on its easy-to-access control panel. The three knobs are the rotational selector, speed dial, and clutch knob. 

Together, these features provide a variety of adjustments for whatever your needs may be. The feed can also be controlled manually or automatically. For a given number of threads per inch, it even has a gear ratio threading chart.

You can select between two different feed rates of 0.002 inches and 0.004 inches per revolution. It has a spindle speed of one hundred to two thousand inches per minute and a distance between the centers of ten inches. 

Three-eighths of an inch is the size of the spindle bore. Thread pitch ranges from sixteen to twenty-four TPI in inches. A maximum three-eighths-inch-square tool can be used.

You can adjust it to a sufficient degree of precision to get the accuracy you want. It weighs only 71 pounds and can be maneuvered easily. This metal lathe is a small machine that is able to handle most projects you will need it for. It is designed for projects of the size it is intended to handle. 

As it is equipped with a variable turning speed and feed rate, it should be suitable for most projects you will be working on with it. 

This tool has the flexibility, ease of use, and precision that will meet the needs of any project.

Shop Fox M1015 6-Inch by 10-Inch Micro Lathe
  • 4 hex wrenches, 100-2000 RPM spindle speed:
  • MT #2 spindle taper, MT #1 tailstock taper
  • Double ended wrench, socket head wrench
  • Oil cup, stand Included
  • Chuck key, 3 external jaws

Things we love about it

  • It works on steel, plastic, aluminum, and wood, so it is capable of working with a wide variety of materials.
  • A cup and stand are provided with this metal lathe so that your oil is always handy.
  • There is no need to adjust this metal lathe since it runs on alternating current.

Things we should consider

  • There are a lot of settings to tweak, so it’s a good idea to spend some extra time reading through and learning what they do. 
  • Poor quality components

Final Word

A metal lathe is an indispensable workshop tool that makes metalworking or woodworking much easier. Even if you run a small operation, you won’t need a standard-sized lathe since it would be overkill and quite expensive.

The mini metal lathe is ideal for small to medium-sized projects. There are many different types available. To determine which one is right for you, make sure you do what will meet your needs.

BestEquip Mini Lathe, due to its superior performance, quality, and reliability, is one of the most reliable mini-lathes available today.

The Grizzly G8688 provides variable spindle speeds of up to 2,500 RPM, which is one of the most powerful mini lathes on the market. Its price is also hard to beat.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading them, and we hope you are now ready to make an informed choice.

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