8 Best Table Saw Miter Gauges in 2022 (Review & Guide)

The number of accessories available for table saws is likely to surprise a novice user who has not worked with this versatile tool before. When using a table saw, a miter gauge is one of the most helpful bits of equipment.

There are some products that are better than others, as with all tools. How do you pick the best miter gauge? The following article aims to provide an answer to that question.


POWERTEC 71142 Universal Table Saw Miter Gauge

Product Features

Manufacturer: POWERTEC
Item Weight: 2.58 pounds
Product Dimensions: 18.94 x 4.75 x 2.5 inches
Style: ‎Miter Gauge with 27 Angle Stops
Power Source: No power
Included Components: Universal Table Saw Miter Gauge Assembly
Bar Style: Rectangular


It is more useful for in-home shops that make garden furniture or work in high-productivity environments to have a low-cost, rugged gauge instead of one with extreme precision. The features are not lacking.

Precision and durability are assured by the thick, laser-cut aluminum head. A pivoting locating mechanism makes it easy to locate over the 27 indents along the edge. Miter bars are adjustable so that they will fit tightly into saw tables and can also be used with other machines. It does not come with a fence, but there are holes that can be filled with aftermarket items. There are several types of miter gauges, and some are better than others for certain jobs.

POWERTEC 71142 Universal Table Saw Miter Gauge Assembly/Miter Gauge with 27 Angle Stops
  • INCLUDES: (1) Miter Gauge for Table Saw
  • FUNCTION: A high performance woodworking angle tool that possesses a miter guide which mounts into the miter slots of your table saw (band saws and other applications) and then guides the miter gauge parallel to the blade for high precision angled and crosscuts
  • FEATURES: A lightweight design with a durable laser-cut aluminum construction, large gauge handle, universal fence mounting bracket, pivoting locking mechanism, a removal plate that allows the miter gauge to be used with T-slotted and non T-slotted miter slots, and adjustable expansion discs that remove all side play from the bar, creating a perfect fit.
  • PRECISION: Angle guide with 27 total locking stops in 5 degree increments over a full 180-degree range, and allows for plus or minus 60-degree range miter cuts
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Works with most Contractor style, full sized saws, or tools with standard miter slots (3/4” width x 3/8” depth) with or without T-slots, making it compatible with popular brand table saws, band saws, router tables, disk and belt sanders. PLEASE NOTE : will not work with smaller saws or tool with 5/8” miter slots.

Things we loved about it

  • Stopping every 5° until 60° is positive.
  • No scratches will occur after using nylon adjustment discs.
  • Miter slots can be rectangular or T-shaped.

Things we should consider

  • The standard bundle does not include a fence.
  • The locking mechanism is not smooth.

POWERTEC 71005 Deluxe

Product Features

Manufacturer: POWERTEC
Item Weight: 3.3 pounds
Product Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 3 inches
Style: ‎Miter Gauge with 27 Angle Stops
Power Source: Hand Powered
Blade Length: 4 Inches
Included Components: ‎Miter Gauge


A generously designed grip, designed for comfort and strength, allows the user to control and use this miter gauge with ease and precision. It features an adjustable guide bar so it can be easily fitted into miter slots with close tolerances. All common angles are stopped by the miter gauge. When the gauge extends over the edge of the work surface, a washer is included to prevent tipping.

Those with an older table saw without a miter gauge or who need a backup gauge might find Powertec’s affordable model appealing.

POWERTEC 71005 Deluxe Table Saw Miter Gauge
  • INCLUDES: (1) Table Saw Miter Gauge
  • FUNCTION: Provides you with a premium table saw miter gauge replacement that allows you to make crosscuts at any angle with high precision
  • FEATURES: Positive stops at all common angles for exceptional accuracy, a large ergonomical grip for control and comfort, set screws to remove any play, and a tip resistant washer to keep the unit steady when extended over your work surface
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fits and accommodates most standard 3/4 x 3/8 inch miter slots, with or without t-slotted miter slots, including DeWalt, Delta, Jet, Craftsman, Bosch and other brands of table saw and router table slots
  • PREMIUM BUILD: Made with a combination of a high quality aluminum head and solid steel miter bar, this woodworking gauge was built for professional use and long-term durability

Things we loved about it

  • Positive stops are provided at 45- and 90-degree angles on this miter gauge.
  • During operation, a large grip provides comfort as well as a solid grip.
  • This miter gauge’s strongest selling point is its low price.

Things we should consider

  • Low prices are often accompanied by material compromises.
  • Furthermore, the surface wears off with use and renders the device useless over time.

Delta Deluxe Miter Gauge Model 34-929

Product Features

Manufacturer: ‎Delta Power Equipment Corporation
Item Weight:‎ 0.01 ounces
Product Dimensions: ‎‎20.25 x 7.75 x 2.88 inches
Blade Length: 8 Inches
Included Components: Miter Gauge
Bar Style: Rectangular


From Delta, this miter gauge is designed to work with most types of table saws, regardless of their shape. Standard miter slots are also supported. This miter gauge is basic but effective, as it provides stops at all common angles. 

Although it isn’t as advanced as higher-end miter gauges, it’s a noticeable upgrade from the miter gauges included with most table saws. A Delta table saw accessory, will also work with other saws with a 3/8″ miter slot.

Delta Deluxe Miter Gauge Model 34-929 , Black
  • Fits table saws, shapers, band saws and other machines with a 3/8″ x 3/4″ miter slot-Real little saws may not fit-Guide Bar Length: 18-3/8″
  • The Deluxe Miter Gauge is accurately constructed and equipped with adjustable positive stops at 90, 15, 22.5, 30, 45, and 60, degrees left and right.
  • This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts 34-895/1087652, 50-864/PM-1978, and 34-928.
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Delta
  • The 18-3/8″ long guide bar offers adjustment screws to custom fit the bar to the miter slot of your machine and eliminate any side-to-side play.

Things we loved about it

  • Miter bars are easily adjustable to fit snugly.
  • Once adjusted, the stop mechanism stays precise.
  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum head.

Things we should consider

  • It may be necessary to calibrate angle stops if they are off by half a degree out of the box. 
  • Miter slots can be damaged by metal adjustment screws. 
  • Fences are not included.

Kreg KMS7101 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge

Product Features

Manufacturer: Kreg
Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
Product Dimensions: 25.25 x 2.63 x 6.25 inches
Power Source: Solar
Blade Length: 6 Inches
Included Components: ‎‎‎Bare-Tool
Bar Style: Rectangular


The bar of this miter gauge is fixed to the bar with five nylon screws to ensure a tight fit. The positive stops are at 0°, 10°, 22.5°, 30°, and 45°. With a 0.1° Vernier scale and a micro-adjust screw, you can get even more precise adjustment down to 0.01°.

The Precision Miter Gauge allows you to cut perfect miters consistently. This miter gauge is the most accurate on the market thanks to a variety of unique features. For absolute accuracy, a computerized milling machine is used to manufacture gauge heads. Miter measurements can be made within 1/10th of a degree with the Vernier scale.

Kreg KMS7101 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge
  • Factory Calibration. Guaranteed out of the box to .003 accuracy of 6″
  • Gauge head is CNC machine perfectly square to the bar and table ( no stampings)
  • Vernier scale allows fast, 1/10th degree angle adjustments

Things we loved about it

  • Strong positive lock at certain angles.
  • Extremely precise micro-adjustment.
  • Non-scratch nylon screws.

Things we should consider

  • Fencing is not included.
  • The pivot mechanism may not fit right out of the box or adjustment screws may be missing.

Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System

Product Features

Manufacturer: ‎Kreg
Item Weight: ‎‎6 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎25.25 x 2.63 x 6.25 inches
Material: Metal
Power Source: Corded-electric
Included Components: Miter Gauge
Bar Style: Rectangular


You will be able to make more accurate cuts with Kreg’s KMS7102 miter gauge. Miter gauges feature micro-adjustment mechanisms for setting highly accurate angles. Brass pins are included for accurate adjustment.  

The kit includes a Kreg swing stop along with a 24″ aluminum fence. Over the fence, the Swing Stop rides on its T-track. It can be swung down for repeatable cuts and backed up away from other work.

Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System
  • Premium Home Improvement Tools: This miter saw table gauge helps you make accurate and repeatable angled cuts
  • Versatile Woodworking Tool: Saw accessory has a brass pin that lets you make quick changes between stop angles
  • Accurate Measuring Tool: Miter saw guide has 5 positive stops; vernier scale aids adjustments to 1/10 of a degree
  • Secure Workshop Accessories: Swing stop lets you switch boards quickly without losing measurements on miter gauge
  • Kreg Tools: We offer products that help woodworkers close the gap between idea and outcome

Things we loved about it

  • The fence is precision milled to 24″.
  • Positive locks at certain angles.
  • Micro-adjustable with great accuracy.
  • Non-scratch nylon screws.

Things we should consider

  • The box may lack adjustment screws and pivot pins may be ill-fitting.

INCRA MITER1000SE Miter Gauge

Product Features

Manufacturer: Incra
Item Weight: 8.26 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎18.25 x 18.25 x 4.5 inches
Material: Stainless Steel
Bar Style: Rectangular


A great miter gauge with an included fence, the 1000SE Miter Gauge is another great product from INCRA. A woodworker might need to cut at 41 stop points on this miter gauge based on the angles at which they may need to use their table saw. The product makes cutting fast and easy.

This miter gauge allows you to adjust the size of the miter grooves, so they can fit in almost any miter slot. Furthermore, you will be able to handle different lengths of material using this device’s high-quality telescoping miter fence. This fence can be extended between 18 and 31 inches.

INCRA MITER1000SE Miter Gauge Special Edition With Telescoping Fence and Dual Flip Shop Stop
  • Engraved stainless steel primary scale for precision accuracy
  • 41 laser cut V-stops for extreme accuracy at all popular angles
  • Patented GlideLOCK miter bar with 6 expansion points for quick repeats
  • 18- to 31-inch telescoping incremental miter fence for handling a variety of stock widths
  • INCRA Flip Shop Stop-Fence Positioner for optimal mitering accuracy

Things we loved about it

  • The flip stop is accurate to 1/32″.
  • Custom sub-fences are easy to add.
  • Miter slots will not be scratched by the nylon adjustment mechanism.
  • All angles are positive stops.

Things we should consider

  • Aluminum models are lighter than steel heads. 
  • It can be difficult to calibrate multiple scales on telescoping fences.

INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge

Product Features

Manufacturer: Incra
Item Weight: 7.71 pounds
Product Dimensions: 21 x 7.8 x 3.6 inches
Material: Alloy Steel
Bar Style: Rectangular
Power Source: Manual
Blade Length: 31 Inches
Included Components: Miter Gauge


A great choice from INCRA is the 1000HD Miter Gauge. It can provide professional woodworkers with even higher accuracy. A total of 180 locking stops are included on this miter gauge, separated by 1-degree intervals. This miter gauge has been refined to ensure that you will have accurate cutting results. 

Similar to the miter gauge described above, the 1000HD is compatible with table saws that have standard miter slots (3/8 inches deep and 3/4 inches wide). The miter gauge includes a telescoping fence that can extend from 18 inches to 31 inches. Miter gauges like this one from INCRA are sure to enhance the quality of your miter cuts.

INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge
  • 180 Angle LOCK Indexing Stops with 1-Degree Step Spacing and Special Stops at ±22-1/2-Degree
  • Patented Glide LOCK Miter Bar Expansion Disks Provide a Perfect Fit
  • Heavy Duty Machined and Laser Cut Components. Patented Incremental Flip Shop Stop for Prefect Cut Length Control
  • 1/10th-Degree Vernier Cursor, Telescoping Fence Expands from 18-Inch to 31-Inch Overall Length
  • Removable Retaining Clip for T-Slot Miter Channels

Things we loved about it

  • Each positive stop from -90° to +90° is 1° apart. 
  • The flip stop is accurate to 1/32″. 
  • Sub-fences can be added easily. 
  • Miter slots won’t be scratched by the nylon adjustment mechanism. 
  • All common angles are stopped positively.

Things we should consider

  • Aluminum heads are lighter than steel heads. 
  • It can be challenging to calibrate multiple scales on telescoping fences.

Incra Miter 5000 Miter Gauge with Sled and Telescoping Fence

Product Features

Manufacturer: Incra
Item Weight: 31.4 pounds
Product Dimensions: 21 x 7.8 x 3.6 inches
Material: Alloy Steel
Blade Length: 36 Inches
Included Components: Miter Gauge


It is a Miter 5000 table saw. This miter gauge combines the features of the Miter 3000SE with the convenience of a 3-panel sled to provide the ultimate miter cutting table. For precise cross-cutting at any angle, the aluminum T-tracks secure the workpiece to the sled as one solid unit.

A clamping sled is included with the Incra Miter 5000 to secure it to the right miter slot of your table saw. Each cut is predictable and precise as all cutting error has been eliminated. In addition, this model includes a Special Edition Miter Fence that can be adjusted from 18- to a full 31-inches in length.

INCRA MITER5000 Miter 5000 Table Saw Miter Gauge with Sled and Telescoping Fence
  • Capitalizing on a great idea, the folks at Incra
  • The sled with T-track and clamping fixture secures the work piece as one solid unit for precision cross-cutting at any angle
  • The right-hand portion of the sled, once cut
  • Table saw that blends incremental angle control and a special 3-panel sled
  • Precision angle indexing teeth are laser cut in solid steel

Things we loved about it

  • Miter 3000 with its locking system and sled provides maximum support and stability while cutting woods. 
  • It connects to the right table saw miter slot to be used as a zero-clearance cut-off table. 
  • Expandable washers are included to secure the miter gauge. 
  • Crosscuts and angled cuts will be smooth and accurate with no play or slop.

Things we should consider

  • It is inevitable that the nylon washers that are used in table saws to prevent play will wear down over time. 
  • The extra width of wider boards may limit the number of washers making contact with the miter slot, resulting in reduced effectiveness.

Buying Guide

There are numerous options for woodworkers looking for a good miter gauge; however, like any tool, there are features to consider and others to avoid. The following will help to pinpoint the key benefits of the best miter gauge and also illustrate its versatility and potential creative uses.


A miter gauge consists of three parts: a miter bar, a miter head, and a fence. To maintain accuracy, the fit must be just tight enough, but not so tight that it gets stuck in the slot of the table saw. A good miter gauge can be adjusted to ensure the correct fit.

Oftentimes, different angles are marked out on the miter head of the fence. It often also has a push handle so that the head can be clamped at the ideal angle. Fencing longer than 6 feet provides better workpiece support, but may not be suitable for small saws.


A miter gauge will usually have steel or aluminum components. Especially where frequent wear is expected, like screw threads, steel is imperative. Handles and clamps are sometimes made of brass. For adjusting the fit of the miter bar, nylon inserts or screws are often used.

Stops and Adjustments

A miter head can rotate through a total of 180 degrees, giving the user a great deal of freedom in setting the angle. Preset stops such as pins, holes, or grooves are often added to angles such as 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and 22.5 degrees.


A budget miter gauge usually has a short fence that is a fixed length. This means that certain models are too long for table saws that are smaller. With a fence that can be set to different lengths, workpiece control can be maximized. It is important, however, to check the minimum length.


The head of the miter guide might be punched out of a steel sheet on a low-cost model, but on better models, this part is machined or laser cut from a solid block. It may be necessary to use a micro-adjustable miter gauge when absolute precision is required. An accurate alignment of the workpiece with the blade is also possible using a measuring scale on a fence.

Ease of Use

Miter gauges with higher quality stops allows you to set faster, which is beneficial to speeding up your workflow. The addition of precision at this stage of the job might seem like a waste of time, but it could save time later on. It might be argued that simplicity isn’t the only factor that contributes to ease of use, but also the ease with which the whole process is handled.

Wrapping Up

INCRA MITER1000SE Miter Gauge is the best table saw miter gauge according to our recommendations for its Custom sub-fences, allows you to adjust the size of the miter grooves, so they can fit in almost any miter slot. You can extended it between 18 and 31 inches. Delta Deluxe Miter Gauge Model 34-929 is also a good choice for its different uses. This miter bars are easily adjustable. It has Lightweight and sturdy aluminum head. You can pick POWERTEC 71142 Universal Table Saw Miter Gauge Miter Gauge at a low price.

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