Bosch vs DeWalt Table Saw: Which One is Better?

When looking for a new table saw in the market, the two big names that hover around are Bosch and DeWalt. They have been in the business for quite some time and are the veteran powerhouses of some top-notch machines.

With Bosch launching their new model, Bosch 4100, the competition against DeWalt DWE749 is getting hotter. Let’s see how these two fares against one another. 

Before starting the comparative guide, here are some table saw pointers to remember.

At a Glance

Table Saw 101

Whether you enjoy elaborate DIY projects or need a proper set of equipment for your job, investing in a table saw should be one of your priorities. 

Owning a table saw is mandatory for professions like carpenter or woodworker. You might be a beginner or an expert in woodwork, and adding a table saw in your tool shed will ease your work. Plus, it helps teach your apprentices how to cut lumber with precision.

A Table saw reduces the time taken to cut wood, and you can easily carry the portable units to your workplace.

Which Table Saw to consider?

You can choose from two broad divisions of Table saws—portable and bench-top table saws. 

Investing in a bench-top table saw is wiser so that you permanently set it in your garage or tool shed. You can bring it along to your worksites if you are a professional carpenter.

Where are Table Saws most commonly used?

Table saws do most of the heavy lifting in your workshop. They can cut large chunks of wood in no time, with half the injury risk. It is necessary for making numerous furniture pieces like 

  • Cabinets
  • Bed frames
  • Backyard decks, etc. 

Showdown: Bosch vs DeWalt

If you shop online, it is difficult to point out the differences between Bosch and DeWalt. Therefore, this guide will walk you through the differences so that you can make an informed decision.

1. Portability

There needs to be a clear edge when measuring portability for both brands; however, some features stand out from the others.

The DeWalt models are 50 pounds lighter than the Bosch models, therefore, easier to carry. Even though the German brand produces heavier models, they can be easily transported, thanks to the rubber wheels and the unique gravity-rise stand.

When it comes to DeWalt, it does not come with wheels and must be assembled separately. The gravity-rise stand of Bosch allows it to be raised to a working position in a swift upwards motion. 

The wheels of the Bosch 4100 give it an edge over its counterpart when it comes to portability. Even though DeWalt DWE7491 weighs less and can be taken from place to place, the lack of wheels can sometimes be a disadvantage. 

2. Dust Collection

While both Bosch and DeWalt models come with ports connected to a shop vacuum, their utility can be questioned. Bosch 4100 has a port of 2″ diameter, whereas DeWalt DWE749 offers a port with a diameter of 2.5″. 

However, the models do not offer a viable dust collection feature. The smaller diameter of the Bosch table saw can cause clogging at times. Yet the problem of dust spillage on the floor is a common problem for both brands.

Table saws are designed to remove materials efficiently and in little time. However, both models need to be more proficient in collecting the dust generated during the sawing process. 

3. Rip Size

Bosch offers you a bigger cutting table surface. With a 25” ripping capacity, it is handy if you rip plywood or solid panels. Thus, you can work on bigger pieces with ease. 

The rip fence of Bosch allows you to cut through the material surface easily using just one hand. You can also lock the panels to make a smooth and precession cut.

On the other hand, you will get a 16” cut with the DeWalt DWE7491 model. This dimension is comparatively smaller than Bosch. However, it is adequate for most jobs, including small trim applications and ripping through dimensional plywood and lumber.

Both models are equally good and adept at efficiently finishing any job. However, if you are undertaking large-scale projects requiring bigger rip boards up to 25″, the Bosch 4100 is the ideal choice.

4. Motor

Both the models- Bosch 4100 and DeWalt DWE479- have a motor of 15amp capacity. Thus, both brands can pack considerable power. DeWalt table saw has a high-torque offering you a no-load speed of 3,850 rpm. But Bosch provides you with a no-load speed of 3,650rpm.

You may find little difference regarding the power offered by the two brands without specialized equipment. Thus, both of them are considered at par. 

Additionally, Bosch offers a soft-star motor which is not available with the DeWalt model. However, it may cause some load on your power source and affect the working of the other appliances attached to the outlet.

Bosch 4100 offers an arbor lock button that allows you to switch between blades smoothly. Changing blades is a task for any table saw, requiring you to hold the arbor with a wrench and then use another to loosen the bolts. 

It is a toiling task, and many prefer using the blunt blade instead of changing them, which may prove dangerous for you. Thus, the arbor lock technology is a boon and gives Bosch an edge over its competitors. 

5. Fence

Bosch’s 4100 table saw comes with a unique square-lock fence that delivers exact cuts and optimal accuracy. Its rip fence can be locked in a way allowing you to get precession cuts and stability. You also get the benefit of a digital readout giving you an accuracy of up to1/32 inches.

DeWalt, on the other hand, offers you telescoping fence rails that can be extended up to 16″. The rack fence design of DeWalt makes it easy to adjust. 

Both brands offer exceptional features in this arena, and the final choice will be your personal preference.

6. Price

DeWalt is capable of providing high-grade performance than Bosch models and a wide price range. However, you may find that the cheapest of the Bosch models is much more affordable than DeWalt’s budget option- a 15amp corded 10″ Compact Job Site table saw.


Bosch offers a variety of price ranges depending on what you need for the table saws. The 10″ worksite table saw costs $599 and provides value for money. It is equipped with all features you need to rip the ply and is fitted with the gravity-rise stand.

For homeowners who do not necessarily require a table saw, you can choose the affordable $324 model. This model gives you 15amp. 10″ corded electric saw.

However, the most significant disadvantage of Bosch is the limited price range that it offers. The difference between primary and professional table saws is a little slight, which may confuse first-time buyers.


The price range of DeWalt table saws is more comprehensive than Bosch, providing many choices. The basic models like the 15amp 10″ corded Compact Job Site does not compromise on power and effectiveness, yet cost only $369. This model provides a 24″ rip capacity.

The costliest of the DeWalt table saws- 15 Amp Corded 10” Job Site w/ Bonus Atomic 20-Volt Lithium-Ion- cost $806 and comes with a drill drive kit, making it a wise investment.

7. Tools Showdown

Bosch 4100

Bosch 4100 comes with a 10″ saw blade sturdy and portable aluminum tabletop. Its frame is on the bulkier side, weighing 60 lbs. It is a portable table saw with a 4 HP motor and carries 120 volts. Thus, making it one of the most powerful table saws on the market.

What We Like
  • 4 HP motor powerful enough to saw through 4x4s and construction boards easily
  • Dust collectors under tabletops vouching to keep the mess to a minimum
  • A pre-assembled unit enables a quick start
  • Carried with ease or stored away due to its foldability
What We Don’t Like
  • The 6 feet long cord makes it difficult to drag to different places on the job site.
  • It takes some tries to adjust the rip shield to parallel

DeWalt DWE7491RS

The DeWalt DWE7491RS offers some of the best safety features that can be found in a table saw. The racks and pinion fence rails slide quickly and smoothly, making it much safer to operate.

What We Like
  • 15amp motor cutting panels and lumber with great ease
  • Easy-slide fence allowing accurate cuts
  • Adjustable stand built for both tall and short people
  • Added convenience with built-in tool storage
What We Don’t Like
  • It takes up considerable time to align the blade
  • Clothes getting caught on the attachment points placed at the side of the racks

Our Verdict: Bosch vs DeWalt Table Saw

Both table saws are power tools that have their benefits and limitations. While Bosch has raised their Table saw game, compared with the DeWalt model, it manages to edge over Bosch.

DeWalt offers better security with its fence and rail system. Plus, the 2.5” diameter of the dust collector defeats its counterpart. However, if you are someone who is above 6’4” tall, you may find more comfort using the Bosch 4100 model as it comes with a customizable stand.

However, after comparing all the points, DeWalt emerges as the winner.

Final Thoughts

Choosing any tool online can be challenging. These guides can only try and ease the process. You need to analyze your requirements and choose the most suitable product.

Happy purchasing!

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