11 Free DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans For Woodworking

Miter saws are a highly popular item for a woodworker.  They have the ability to do the heavy duty which many saws can’t perform. However, for any miter saw to work, you need a good, solid base to put it on.  Thus, a miter saw stand is extremely important. It provides the space for large cuttings.  So, we present eleven plans for setting up your own miter saw stand. This reduces cost and more importantly lets you design in your own way. 

So, let’s look at the stand plans which you can DO IT YOURSELF (DIY). But remember, not all plans apply to all users. Depending on your expertise and skills, you are advised to select your plan accordingly.


Modifiable yet full of space for cutting longer boards, this setup allows additional features via versatility. It allows you add any attachment needed such as fasteners or connectors.  An extra 36” of space may be added via two raised shelves aligned perfectly. Versatility is the key here.

Designed by April Wilkerson this stand with scrap box looks aesthetically pleasing and extremely handy in performance. This miter saw stand is portable as well as foldable with wings. The related plans of April are easy to understand and follow. These can be adjusted as per needs. The original design is beginner friendly, supported by a useful tutorial or guide.

This DIY Mobile Miter Saw Stand is something quite different than the rest due to the side wings that fold like a pocket knife. It is foldable and portable. You may also stop it for repetitive cuts. This saves time, improving accuracy, fitting almost any miter saw. The build can be set up or taken down in a mere matter of few seconds due to its folding nature, and it allows setting of the most popular miter saws. Its outer look is complex, but making it is very simple with the use of some handy tools.

Wood Archivist has made one of the most daring miter saw stand plans available in the market. This design is definitely not for the novice. It includes six wheels facilitating sufficient portability and six storage and scrap boxes. Also, it has an integrated part, developed and activated for your miter saw. The platform itself made for the miter saw is surprisingly adjustable, and the space below has space to fit a vacuum amounting to 16 gallons.  The large size of the stand requires numerous materials for setting it. But those are pretty cheap to purchase.  This machine will test your woodworking skills as more than normal levels of power may be required. But that should not be a problem if you challenge yourself.

Miter Saw Bench

Miter Saw Bench is a simply made stand designed by Whitney Gainer. It has an abundance of storage space with it. This helps to add extra accessories that may be needed, and one can also keep optional hooks for accessories allowing hanging those with the outside of the table.

Another beneficial feature of this miter saw stand is its portability. Four wheels may be attached with integration of your choice if you need to do so. In addition, it features a raised bench allowing you to align with the miter saw, giving plenty of space to cut boards on.

The rolling miter saw stand is made in such a way that it feels it’s built on something strong. The build allows you to keep not only the miter saw, but also other additional tools you may need to attach, thanks to the added hooks beneath the extended wings of the stand. These wings, which expand an additional 20 inches, are one of the mesmerizing features of this miter saw stand. The extendable wing space will give you enough room to hold and cut boards in various shapes. What’s more, these wings are removable. Besides these removable wings, a smooth rip fence locks your boards accordingly to the desired placement, assuring the safety of your stock. The design of the fence ensures safety. also, there are two wheels behind the base of the stand, which help in the portability of the stand if you move around the workshop with it.

The Mobile Miter Saw Station is composed of 2 sheets of ¾” plywood.  It’s height is 39” tall on 3” casters and it also has side wings that extend 93” wide.  When not extended, it spans 38” wide and 24-½” deep, due to the folding wings that result in a small footprint. A basic version is made out of common plywood that can be developed very cheaply for around $100.  But you can always make upgrades for durability and performance. these upgrades that include better plywood, larger casters, facilities for dust collection, a vacuum switch that can be automated, and an additional fence and stop system can easily make this a one-of-a-kind superior saw stand. This stand is truly a stand out with its compact design, space-saving features and other hand bonus options.

This stand is a combination of three separate plans that feature the base, the extensions, and the hood. You can develop them as per your need and according to the amount of money you can spend. Or you may also build all plans as a whole package to replicate a dedicated stationary miter stand.

If you have a craving for drawers, you will really like this saw stand. Hosting a large number of drawers, around 26 drawers, this build is satisfying the needs of those who want lots of storage space, especially for keeping accessories and utensils lying around in the workshop or workplace. To add to the already large number of drawers it can accommodate, it also possesses a sliding fence on a T-track, a drill press and spindle and belt sander, and two dust collection blast gates that are easily accessible. Its features are good enough to impress any professional woodworker. Hobbyist Moy Perez designed this stand, that will give you 106” of space in width to do your smoothly. This is something really beneficial for those trying to work with long boards.  With 37 inches of height of 29 inches deep, this setup should propel you into woodwork if you are passionate about it.

A popular miter saw stand due to ease of design and build, this model can boast about its innovative design and its concept of transforming an old barbecue cart into an extremely useful tool. Relatively less expensive, this model does not require too much time to design, even if you are novice at this craft. This is not the large-sized, room-for-many type stand; but its portability thanks to the wheels attached and ease of use, gets a significant amount of job done.

This miter saw stand is designed by the creative heads at PopularWoodWorking. Now this model is a largely sized stand, with an extremely spacious wing capacity which allows you to cut any board you would like to cut -with 30 inches on each side without sacrificing perceived simplicity. One feature it contains is the adjustable saw platform supported by a mount. Also, a large cabinet having plenty of space to store accessories or utensils, also makes up its build. It has an automatic vacuum, which is quite innovative given the model. This vacuum will switch on automatically once you set up the stand accordingly. The real positive of this design is that, despite of the complexities and size, the cost of this item is relatively cheap, which can always attract a lot of woodworker buyers.

Some Significant Takeaways

  • Building a Miter saw stand does not require prior experience, however for the sake of accuracy and smoothness, we prefer to choose a plan that complements for level of expertise. 
  • These do-it-yourself miter saw stands are quite cheaper to design and make rather than buying a manufactured alternative from the market. 
  • The plans we laid out are extremely flexible and allows you to modify according to your needs, money for buying accessories and space available in your working space.
  • The plans laid out above are a basic guide for understanding what type of stand you need to develop to support your machine. This is just a “guide”, not a “code”. Your choice of saw determines which one you prefer. Or do even prefer any.

Summing Up

The best laid plans are the ones that cater to your expertise and capabilities. You should gauge your level of woodworking skills before building any of the saw stand plans.  As the DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans are done by the users, it is always advised to develop as per need, not as per look. We hope we were able to take you into a creative woodworking world that will now open door for you to try some!

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