Using a Drum Sander on a Wooden Deck: Simple Guide for New Users

If you are new to drum sanders, you always want to learn the basic tips. One thing that most newbies crave for is how to use drum sander for deck. Well, that’s what I am going to show you today, but first here is what you must know.

What Is a Drum Sander?

This is a powerful woodworking machine that is used to rapidly polish any wooden deck or plank. There are many types of drum sanders including the floor and bench drum sanders. Drum sanders may be challenging to use for first-timers. However, with the right help, the process becomes very easy.

To use the drum sander in the best way, you must learn to do the following:

  • Be patient and careful
  • Take practice lessons
  • Learn your sander first
  • Buildup on your control
  • Learn the calibrations too

Why is this important? You will care to learn that there are certain drum sanders that eat into the wood at very high speeds (more than 10 ft. a minute). Without proper care, this type of sander can easily end up damaging the wood instead of giving you the needed polish.

How to Sand a Deck with Drum Sander

Once you have learned the tips that I have mentioned above, the next thing will be to try a real job. If you want to use a drum sander for a deck this next guide will be of great help.

Step I: Ready Yourself

The first thing that you need to do before using a drum sander is to get ready. Put on the right working gear. You will need the right clothing and shoes. These should be protective gear that maximizes your safety such as.

The proper combination of safety gear will protect you from work-related accidents such as cuts, irritants, bruises, and knocks.

Step II: Set Up Your Drum Sander

Setting up the sander means finding the right position for it. While drum sanders are usually installed in a specific place, you’ll need to find the right position for the tip on the deck.

A good place to start is to set the tip of the drum sander in the middle of the wooden deck. This is important to have a smooth and uniform sanding touch.

NOTE: In case your sander has a cord here is what you should do. Use a piece of rope to tie up the cord around the upper section of the sander’s handle. It helps to keep the cord out of your way when you start sanding.

Step III: Turn Your Sanding Machine On

Drum sanders don’t require so much to turn them on. Most of them come with an ON/Off button that you can use to switch them on. Simply press on the button to start your sanding machine and then get to work.

Step IV: Work on Your Wooden Deck

Tip drum sanders can often be lowered by pulling up the sander’s main handles. So once the machine is turned on, you should pull up the main handles and lower the sander’s drum to the wooden deck.

As soon as your drum touches your wooden deck, you’ll feel a very strong tug when the machine begins to work. Let this not scare you. So don’t let go of the sander instead resist the pull and steady the machine on the wooden deck.

Now gently push the sanding machine forward as you provide enough resistance. This should start to sand the wooden deck. Take your time to master the machine’s tempo and to sand the wood uniformly.

To get this uniform touch, here is what you must do.

  • Sand to the edge of the wooden deck
  • Then push the sander’s handles off the sander – it will lift the drum
  • Now turn the sanding machine around and position it
  • Repeat the same process that you began with until you are done with sanding your deck

NOTE: You should watch the wooden deck closely so as to prevent any damage and to have a smooth finish.

Step V: Finish Up Your Work

To get the best finish on your wooden deck, you must survey your work. Make sure the wooden deck is evenly polished. If not, sand the unpolished parts to match what you need using the same process as before.

Nonetheless, if the wooden deck is polished to your satisfaction, you can turn off the sander. Press on the On/Off button to turn it off and then put away the drum sander.

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Newbie Tips for Using a Drum Sander for a Deck

If you are a newbie that wants to use a drum sander on a deck, here is what you should do. Use the small tip drum sander. This type of drum sander has many advantages for beginners. They include the following.

  • Small tip drum sander comes with fewer moving parts
  • Small tip sanders are generally easy to handle
  • Tip drum sander comes with two attached wheels making it easier to move around
  • This drum sander also offers much more flexibility

NOTE: Beginners need to develop their skills and progress systematically. A good way to do this is to start small and take your time. That’s why you need a small tip drum sander.


Drum sanders require you to be very keen when using them. That’s why you need to learn it first if you are a beginner. Even so, the most important thing is to follow the user manual so as to get the best tips easily.

Remember, this is important since we have different types of sanders. These sanders may have different functionalities and as such, require proper understanding. For new users, constant practice will give you the perfection you need.

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