Husqvarna 322L String Trimmer

Husqvarna 322L String Trimmer Review

The Husqvarna 322L Lightweight String Trimmer is perhaps one of the most convenient gas-powered weed trimmer available today. Here are some observations from my 2-month usage:

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  • The lightweight nature of the 322L model is a vast improvement over other models such as the 128LD, making it easier to work with.
  • The Husqvarna 322L is one of the mid commercial-grade weed eater of the brand, yet provides excellent value.
  • This model can cut through weeds that are not easily trimmed, with minimal hiccups.
  • The procedure to start the equipment is incredibly smooth.
  • Improved X-Torq engine increases fuel efficiency.


  • Model like the 128LD is more convenient to accommodate attachments like hedge trimmer attachment, pole saw attachment etc. that the Husqvarna 322L lacks.
Husqvarna 322L Lightweight String Trimmer (Renewed)
  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. Only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer Certified Refurbished products on
  • X-Torq engine reduces emissions by up to 60% and boosts fuel efficiency by up to 20%
  • Air purge in the carburetor and fuel system allows for easy start up
  • Twin line cutting design with Tap ‘n Go line feed
  • Features a durable hard chromium-plated cylinder bore

Husqvarna 322L Review - Best Weed Eater

Do you sigh at the tiring nature of trimming grass or weeds? When you have the ideal tools, this task can rather be quite a breeze. If you are looking for options, you will see that the Husqvarna 322L String Trimmer is a leading choice as a commercial weed eater.

Features of the Husqvarna 322L Lightweight String Trimmer

The Husqvarna 322L is perhaps the most lightweight variant of this category of grass and weed cutters. Take a look at some of its features below.


The engine of the Husqvarna 322L is a CARB compliant X-Torq, which is admirable for its delivery of force, power, and control. It also makes it possible for the trimmer to cut through dense growth.

Easy to start

You will find that the 322L is incredibly smooth to start, with air removal from the fuel and carburetor system. It is especially handy for beginners who may be using such equipment for the first time.


Husqvarna made the 322L with a strong cylinder bore of chromium. The gear head of the trimmer is at a slant. These characteristics make the tool sturdy and long-lasting.

The 322L features a straight shaft. The wire cable drive is braided for strength, while the gearbox is hardy as well.

Auto-return switch

When you turn the machine off, the stop switch goes back to the starting position for your practical convenience. It is a minor feature, yet it adds to the overall performance of the Husqvarna 322L since convenience is always a priority with garden tools.

Twin-Line Trimming

The trimmer consists of a helpful feature known as the Tap ‘n Go line, making it easier for you to control the tool while engaging in twin line trimming.

Advantages of the Husqvarna 322L Lightweight String Trimmer

The features and specifications of the Husqvarna 322L may seem quite helpful, but the tool offers various other benefits as well. Read on to find out more about the advantages of this piece of garden grooming equipment.


The Husqvarna 322L’s CARB compliant X-Torque core is not simply an engine for impressive power and performance. Rather, it also decreases emissions by almost 60%. Additionally, it enhances the fuel efficiency of the machine by an excellent margin of 20%.


The fact that the Husqvarna 322L is an easy-to-operate and lightweight tool is reflected in the name itself. The Husqvarna 322L Lightweight String Trimmer can meet all your garden grooming needs while being the lightest of all models. The tool’s practical weight further boosts the level of control you can have and performance.


The straight shaft of the trimmer significantly contributes to the aggregate flexibility of the Husqvarna 322L. The gearbox of this impressive model is highly versatile.

You can use it for multiple purposes, and it will serve you well for all of them. If you hit the ground, it will automatically feed through the line.

No Disturbance

Gas-powered trimmers are infamous for their loud noise and unsettling levels of vibrations. With the Husqvarna 322L trimmer, this is not a problem.

The lightweight machine does not create too much noise pollution or vibrate unapologetically. It also features a handle with an anti-vibration design. It helps reduce the levels of exhaustion that you may suffer from while operating the gas trimmer.

Does the Husqvarna 322L Weed Trimmer offer any warranty?

Gas trimmers perform a hefty task, which renders them susceptible to malfunctions or defects. Hence you need a warranty.

The Husqvarna 322L trimmer offers a product warranty for 90 days after you purchase it. It is for the main tool, as well as the accessories that come included in the box.


Video Credits: Lowe’s Home Improvement


Final Word

The Husqvarna 322l Weed Trimmer is a versatile tool. It offers a range of wonderful features that make it easy to operate. It can be used both as a beginner level tool or commercial-grade tool while providing an excellent performance.

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