Table Saw Vs Circular Saw: Which One Should I Use?

Running a workshop is only efficient if you have the right tools to go along with them. A saw is one of them. A saw is a metal blade or chained wire with toothbrush edges used for carpentry work. Now there are more than ten types of saws available in the market. In this article, we will cover the difference between two saws, which are most commonly used- a table saw vs circular saw.

What is the table saw?

A table saw has a table-like shape with a circular blade that protrudes through a slot in the center of the saw.  These are primarily used for woodwork and are easy to use. They make precise angular and crosscuts. Having guardrails on both sides, one can easily adjust the blade for accurate cuts. A crank is present, which allows you to turn and lock the blade in place, depending on the depth and size of the cut you want to make.

If you are new to this business, then this is the saw you should opt for. A table saw makes uniform precision cuts and is great for beginners. Now there are a handful of types of saws available in the market. Benchtop, compact, sliding, and hybrid being a few of them.

Best table saw for woodworking

What is a circular saw?

A circular saw is common to be seen in professional workshops. The saw uses a handheld design that is attached to a round blade. It is powered by a battery or electric cord. The motor drive holds a belt that is attached to the blade, and when given power, the belt rotates, in turn, rotating the blade at high speed. This saw makes strong and deep cuts easily, which is why it can be used on almost every material- plastic, metal, or wood.

So when it comes to versatility in the table saw vs circular saw comparison, and the circular saw is the right pick. The mobility of the circular saw makes it so popular among carpenters. It is lightweight and can be carried around with ease. However, it is difficult to use a circular saw if you are a novice.

It is important to make sure that your hands are held steady and is place. The saw must be held firmly. It is tough to make a precision cut using a circular saw given that they drive with so much power. 

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Table saw Vs Circular Saw

Portability is one of the main factors that differentiate the two. A table saw is big and heavy and is thus uncomfortable to move around with. On the other hand, if you are looking to travel with your saw, then a circular saw is your friend. A circular saw can be used as a table saw while vice versa is not possible due to its heavy structure.

In terms of cutting capacity, both circular saw and table saw have virtually no size limit. But for the table saw, when a piece gets too long it becomes difficult to control. On the other hand, to precisely rip a piece of board you need something straight edge as a tracking guide usually a long piece of plywood or a circular saw guide.

In terms of cost, a circular saw is more affordable than a table saw. However, a table saw has a longer tool life.

A table saw is mostly used for amateur woodwork while a circular saw comes in play when deep and string cuts are required. It is advisable to use a shooting board or speed square while working with a circular saw. Since they are more powerful, it is recommended that you use a hard surface below to ensure no collateral damage is done.

When it comes to accuracy in the table saw vs. circular saw, the former has an advantage. Due to its base and circular blade, it is easier to handle the saw and judge depth and length of your cuts. A circular saw might get flimsy in your hands, and you are prone to make mistakes.

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Final verdict

Summing up, there is no winner when it comes to table saw vs. circular saw. The saw you choose the material you are cutting and the way you need to cut it. While both are used for woodwork and do-it-yourself projects, they have a specific design type, which makes them unique in their use.

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