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Woodworking is a mastery that uses various tools and different types of wood. It is an art form that lets you carve wood into intricate pieces of objects that can be decorative and functional items. 

Moreover, you can have a woodworking home business with several simple wood projects that sell. It doesn’t need to simply be your hobby; you can earn money from this lucrative skill. Did you know that woodworking can be a profitable business as you can earn almost $25 per hour?

You might be wondering what wood projects you can start off with for your home business. This article will enlighten you on the basics of woodworking and 10 simple woodworking projects that sell. Moreover, you will also get to know some helpful tips for starting a woodworking business.

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Woodworking projects make money for you if you know how to start a business. Here are some tips on starting a woodworking home business.

What is woodworking?

Woodworking is the art of transforming different types of wood using various techniques into decorative or functional items. It is productive and involves shaping, cutting, and joining wood.

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You can work on simple woodworking projects that sell at your own place. Moreover, this challenging skill can help you create a woodworking home business. There are different types of woodworking that you can choose to work on: 

You can work on simple woodworking projects that sell at your own place. Moreover, this challenging skill can help you create a woodworking home business. There are different types of woodworking that you can choose to work on: 

  • Hand Tool Woodworking – This involves using tools like chisels, scrapers, saws, and planes. You work with your hands, and it can be pretty inexpensive to work on hand tool wood projects in the beginning. 
  • Power Tool Woodworking – This type involves using power tools that use electricity. 90% of the woodworkers use power tools nowadays. You can use tools like miter saws, drills, table saws, sanders, and more. They can help you reduce costs and create simple woodworking projects that sell.
  • Digital Woodworking – This type uses digital machines like CNC that help you make precise cuts on flat wood. Essentially, digital woodworking involves creating a layout and design on a computer and allowing the machine to take charge of cutting wood. Being a woodworking home business, buying digital machines could prove challenging due to the costs. 
  • Specialty Woodworking – This type includes two essential methods: scrolling for carving tiny curves and intricate patterns and woodturning to create rounded objects. You will be able to expand the kind of wood projects you take with its help. 

Overall, woodworking doesn’t require too much physical exertion or space. You merely need ideas, a creative head, and the right tools.

What are the 10 simple woodworking projects that will sell?

Once you have essential woodworking tools like pine wood, scrap wood, and other types, wood planks, hand saw, wood glue, cutting board, power drill, mallets, and safety equipment, it is time to get started on simple wood projects that sell.

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Below are the top 10 simple projects that you can make when starting a woodworking home business:

Wooden signs 

Wooden signs come in different shapes and sizes. Generally, people use them outdoors and indoors in several ways. It is one of the most simple woodworking projects that sell. You can start with wooden signs that people can use to identify their homes.

Additionally, you can create signage for important events like weddings, birthday parties, and more. You can make the signage using scrap wood and exercise your creativity accordingly. 

Children’s blocks 

Wooden blocks teach children dexterity and develop motor skills. It also improves analytical and observational skills. Furthermore, as a woodworking craftsperson, you can create wooden blocks in using multiple colors and piques children’s curiosity. 

Moreover, wooden blocks can be useful for teaching children numbers and the alphabets. Additionally, these woodworking projects make money quickly as it offers parents a sense of nostalgia. 


Another simple wood project that sells is creating comfortable furniture. You can develop chairs, benches, tables, cabinets, shelves, tool caddies, and beds. These are simple woodworking projects that you can make and sell quickly.

Simple furniture is in demand, especially among new families and bachelors, for its functionality and elegance. 


Birdhouses is another wood project you can undertake. They make incredible indoor and outdoor decorations and help keep water and bird seeds to invite birds. You can use scrap or high-quality wood to create a birdhouse. Moreover, you can customize it with paint, carvings, and other details. 

You can create a birdhouse of various styles and sizes to increase the variety of products. 


Planters and pots are also simple woodworking projects that sell. You can use different types of wood like scrap wood, pine wood, and more. These planters are perfect for desk decoration and home side tables. 

You can create planters to store vegetables and other items. Moreover, you can make wooden items for gardening too. 

Wooden toys 

You can also create wooden toys as a beginner hoping to have a woodworking home business.  These are fun and entertaining. Most importantly, wooden toys are non-toxic and safe for children. You can use timber, pine wood, and other types to create toys like blocks, tops, puzzles, and more. 

Picture frames 

Picture frames are perfect for storing memories and can be excellent decorative pieces. You can create wooden picture frames with intricate carvings or keep it simple. Picture frames are also simple wood projects that sell. They are perfect gift items, so many people purchase them. 


If you stay in a place close to the ocean, you can have woodworking projects to make money by creating surfboards using high-quality ocean-worthy woods. You will give people an opportunity to get their hands on an environment-friendly surfboard that is affordable and sustainable. 

Kitchen wood products 

Being a beginner in the woodworking home business, you can also make kitchen products to kickstart. Using quality material, you can create kitchen cabinets, spice racks, floating shelves, spoons, ladles, plates, and other kitchen products. Additionally, you can create wooden serving trays, wine racks, and coasters. 

Many people love the idea of using wooden products in the kitchen. So, you can invest your time in making wooden kitchen utensils to earn more money. 


Wooden boxes are probably the easiest to make and are simple wood projects. People use boxes to store trinkets and other items or merely display them due to their intricate work. As a woodworker, you can create detailed or simple wood boxes depending on your target audience. 

How to start a woodworking home business?

woodworking projects that sell

Decide your product

Firstly, to start your woodworking business at home, you need to ensure mastery and precision in your craft. You can choose from the top 10 simple woodwork projects that sell on the list mentioned above. Alternatively, you can decide you want to specialize only in shelves or other products and master your skills. 

Ensure you have a workshop 

For a woodworking business, ensure you have a workshop or a dedicated workspace. This workspace should have your tools like saw, wood glue, chainsaws, hammers, and more. 

While you may be running the business from home, if you have a workspace or workshop, it will look more professional if your customers want to come and look at your work. Additionally, it will help you create a work-life balance. 

Choose who to target 

You will need to develop a business plan with specific objectives and goals. Moreover, you will need to analyze your product and determine who will purchase your products. You might need to conduct a competitive analysis, industry analysis, and social listening market research to identify your target audience. 

Create a website 

Once you have a workspace and product and know who to target, you can create a website on platforms like Shopify, Wix, and Etsy to sell your woodwork projects. When you have an e-commerce site of your own, you can control the pricing and promotions quickly. 

Market your site 

After creating your website, ensure you market it well through social media and word-of-mouth communication. You need to boost your visibility to get more customers and boost your business. 

Wrapping up

Woodworking is an art that doesn’t require much space or physical exertion. It can be relaxing, and you can indulge in simple woodworking projects that sell to have a woodworking home business

The top 10 simple woodwork projects sell well and can help you create a niche for yourself. It allows you to build your customer network and expand them. Moreover, with a home business, you can merely start your woodworking business by creating a website. 

You’ll merely need to click photos of your creation and list the prices. After that, you will work on marketing your site to drive traffic. Alternatively, you can work on a word-of-mouth basis, work on your wood projects leisurely, and make money. 

So, start simple wood projects that sell to have a successful woodworking home business.

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