5 Steps For Using A Door Lock Installation Kit Without Professional Help

Often, we seek out professional help for small tasks around the house, like installing door locks. We believe getting an expert to carry out such tasks is the smartest way out. This could be because we do not want to dabble into things that we know nothing about. While sometimes it is better to leave out things for the professionals to handle, it is about time you started installing your own door locks! You can install these locks easily by using a door lock installation kits.

Here is how you can complete the installation process without any professional help.

Steps for Installing Door Locks using a Door Lock Installation Kit

Mentioned below are five steps that will help you install a door lock on your own with the help of a door lock installation kit.

Step 1: Position the Jig Properly

Position the jig from your door lock installation kit properly on the door. You must place the jig on the door exactly where you want to place the door lock. Make sure you use the backseat selection window to place it accurately on the door.

For it to be properly placed, you should be able to view the backseat depth through it. Be sure to double-check the position of your jig once you place it on the door. Make any changes you want to before you fix it on the surface.

Step 2: Fix the Jig on the Door

Once you are sure of the jig’s position on the door, you can secure it. You can use a hammer to slightly secure the jig’s placement on the door. This makes it easier for you to install the door lock and then remove the jig from the door.

Further, you should use the plates provided with your door lock installation kit to fixate the jig on the door properly. Make use of screws to fix the jig securely.

Step 3: Create the Latch Hole

For this, you will first need to assemble your pilot drill machine. Attach the hole saw from the door lock installation kit to the head of the drill and make sure it fits tightly. Now you can begin boring a hole in your door once your equipment is set.

Set the drill machine on low-speed and push it through the jig hole on the door. Avoid putting a lot of pressure on the door as it may result in splintering. Immediately stop drilling once the hole saw emerges out of the other end.

Step 4: Create the Recess of the Door Lock

Get rid of any wooden pieces that are left on your door with the help of a sharp chisel. Assess the recess depth. You can always change this depth manually if it does not fit in the first go.

Final Step 5: Install the Locks

After you have created a recess with the door lock installation kit and the depth is perfect, you can go ahead and install the locks. However, it is advised that you go through the instructions manual once before you assemble the lockset.

A door lock installation kit is your saving grace when it comes to installing locks on the door. You might have had to call a professional to help you set it up in the past. However, you can now perform these tasks by yourself.

This kit is excellent for people who have had no prior experience in such tasks. So, even if you are a newbie, you will have no trouble working your way through this kit. Follow the steps, and you will have a door lock set up in no time!

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